STMicroelectronics — MEMS Sensors for Smart Industry 4.0

High-performance and ultra-low-power sensing solutions for Industry 4.0 with a minimum longevity commitment of 10 years

STMicroelectronics’ (ST) industrial MEMS sensors offer superior accuracy, flexibility and high quality required to satisfy Industry 4.0 requirements and are part of ST’s 10-year product longevity commitment program. ST’s broad range of sensors includes 3-axis miniaturized accelerometers, 6-axis inertial modules, magnetometers/eCompass and pressure sensors. Scalable modules with up to 6 axis (3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis gyroscope or 3 axis magnetic, 3 axis magnetic, 1 pressure or temperature) with drivers as well as ST’s Open. MEMS catalog of free and easy-to-use software libraries and the STM32 Open Development Environment.


  • Predictive maintenance and early failure detection
  • Industrial IoT and connected devices
  • Robotics, automation and drones
  • Power saving and motion-activated functions
  • Appliances
  • Inertial navigational systems and motion tracking
  • Antenna and platform pointing, leveling and stabilization
  • Optical image and lens stabilization
  • Anti-tampering in smart meters
  • Precision inclinometer and leveling instruments
  • Positional and distance sensor
  • Presence detection, magnetic switch
  • Variable magnetic field monitoring
  • Asset and parcel tracking, monitoring and shock detection and logging
  • Building and structure monitoring

Inertial Sensors: IIS2DH, I3G4250D,IIS328DQ, ISM330DLC, IIS3DHHC, IIS2MDC, ISM303DAC
Pressure Sensors: LPS22HB, LPS33HW
Temperature Sensors: STTS751, LM235