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TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’s (TE) portfolio of discrete NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors will solve almost any thermal application. TE’s full spectrum of high-quality discrete NTC thermistors offer precision temperature measurement and excellent performance for value. NTC thermistors are suitable for a wide range of temperature sensing, control and compensation applications from -80°C to 300°C, providing solutions for thermal sensing in a variety of environmental conditions.


  • Extensive portfolio: Simple selection and flexibility in design with TE’s broad product portfolio.
  • Maximum performance: Industry leading precision, accuracy and superior long-term stability for maximum performance in even the most complex applications.
  • Engineering expertise: A knowledgeable team, with decades of engineering proficiency, that will help support suitable product selection for your application.
  • Value for performance: Proven high-quality, excellent value for performance.

Vast range of customers where design or application requires temperature measurement for sensing, control or compensation.

  • Medical: Catheters, dialysis, patient monitoring
  • Aerospace: Satellites, missiles, spacecraft, aircraft, atmospheric monitoring, fire control equipment
  • HVACR: Air conditioning, air flow, mobile and case refrigeration, fire detectors, building management and boiler control systems, thermal well applications
  • Appliances: Clothes dryers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, industrial ovens, pool/spa control
  • Instrumentation: Blood/DNA analysis, liquid/air/gas flow sensing, chemical analysis, environmental/metrological monitoring, laboratory equipment

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