Vishay — SensorXplorer Evaluation Kits for the Light to Digital Portfolio

SensorXplorer Hardware
The SensorXplorer™ base station includes the board shown below and a USB to Micro USB cable. The sensor board plugs into the port shown. The USB cable plugs into a Windows-based PC.

Evaluation Software
To download a sensor board software, go to You will find an installation guide and software for each sensor. If you previously purchased our earlier SensorStarterKit, new evaluation software must be downloaded. However, the sensor boards will still function with the new base station.

To Order
The base station part number is “SensorXplorer”. The sensor board part numbers are the sensor part number with the “-SB” suffix as shown to the right.

FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VIS20881 VCNL4020-SB; Short-range proximityFTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VISVEML6030 VEML6030-SB; Ambient light sensor
FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VIS24892 VCNL4040-SB; Short-range proximityFTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VIS25194 VEML6040-SB; RGBW sensor
FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VEML6070 VEML6070, UVA sensorFTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VEML6075-SB VEML6075-SB; UVA and B sensor
FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VIS26659 VCNL4020C-SB; Heart rate, SpO2FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VCNL4035X01 VCNL4035X01-SB; Gesture with 2 IREDs
FTMJune2018-pg11-Vishay-VISVCNL4200 VCNL4200-SB; Long-range proximity

VCNL4035X01-GES-SB; Gesture with 3 IREDs