Infineon — OPTIGA™ Trust B SLE95250 and OPTIGA Trust B EVAL KIT

Authentication Solution for Improved Security and Reduced System Costs
Counterfeit products can seriously compromise the end-user experience and may harm investments made by system manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for manufacturers to safe-guard the value of their brands and their investments into product technology.

Basic Authentication Solution
OPTIGA Trust B is a robust cryptographic solution for embedded systems requiring easy-to-integrate, reliable authentication features. This security solution is designed to help system and device manufacturers safeguard the authenticity, integrity and safety of their original products. As a turnkey solution, it provides enhanced protection against aftermarket counterfeit replacements, thus helping to maintain OEM authenticity and safeguard the user experience.

Enhanced Security
Using strong cost efficient asymmetric cryptography, the OPTIGA Trust B can easily identify unauthorized batteries, accessories, replacement parts or disposables and trigger an appropriate measure. In addition, the life span counter recognizes unauthorized re-use or re-provisioning of original parts.

Fast and Easy Integration
Building on Infineon’s proven embedded security portfolio, OPTIGA Trust B is a turnkey solution that includes host-side software and a single-wire host interface to minimize integration efforts. The size-optimized new TSNP-6 package offers a very small footprint of only 1.1 x 1.5mm. OPTIGA Trust B thus fits into every device, no matter how small, from ear-plugs of flip covers to industrial machines and robots.


  • Strong cost efficient asymmetric cryptography with ECC 131-bit key length
  • OPTIGA Digital Certificate (ODC) with device personalization (unique key pair per chip)
  • Turnkey solution including host-side software for easy integration
  • 512-bit user NVM
  • Easy-to-implement single-wire host interface
  • Size-optimized TSNP-6-9 package (1.1 x 1.5mm)


  • Battery authentication
  • IoT edge devices
  • Consumer accessories
  • IP and PCB design protection
  • Original replacement parts
  • Medical and diagnostic equipment

The OPTIGA Trust B SLE95250 evaluation and demonstration kit is an easy way of getting started with counterfeit protection. It allows to demonstrate an authentication flow and to check how to read and write on the storage. The software GUI download can be found on the Infineon website or from the myInfineon Collaboration Platform for installation on a PC.