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ON Semiconductor has become an industry leader in image sensors for automotive, industrial, consumer, and now high performance security applications. 40 years of imaging heritage has resulted in a best in class image sensing family providing innovations such as exceptional global shutter efficiency, best in class low-light performance, and lower operational power. With extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and its ability to capture both continuous video and single frames, it’s the perfect choice for security applications.

ON Semiconductor’s CMOS image sensors are designed so that you can get the most out of your security device. These devices capture images in either linear or high dynamic range modes, with a rolling-shutter readout and include sophisticated camera functions such as in-pixel binning and windowing. The devices are designed for both low light and high dynamic range scene performance and can support off chip HDR in an ISP chip. In addition they incorporate a new innovative global shutter pixel design optimized for accurate and fast capture of moving scenes.


  • Reference designs and application notes
  • Image sensor development kits


  • High definition IP box, dome, 360° cameras
  • In vehicle/machinery attention state recognition
  • Home and industrial security surveillance
  • Body cameras


  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Low noise images in both low-light and bright scenes
  • Enhanced NIR sensitivity for high performance
    - Increases range for depth applications
  • Best global shutter efficiency
    - Improved image quality for fast moving objects
  • Low dark current/hot pixels
    - Total noise floor reduction, SNR improvement
  • High linear full well
    - High dynamic range for all lighting scenes
  • Low operational power
    - Ideal for battery-powered applications
  • Small form factor
    - Ideal for space-constrained applications

Part Number277VAC ±15%
Open Frame
85VAC to 305VAC
Open Frame
Open Frame
AR0144CSCMOS Digital Image Sensor with Global Shutter1.0 MP1/4 inch
AR0239High Performance CMOS Image Sensor2.3 MP1/2.7 inch
AR0521High Performance CMOS Image Sensor5.1 MP1/2.5 inch