Renesas — Built-In Security Ideal for Today’s IoT Applications

Renesas Synergy Microcontrollers

Embedded system developers face a number of security challenges in today’s connected environment. The potential for corrupted firmware or malware via remote updates, system hijacking, eavesdropping, and unauthorized access to services or data make it essential that developers take effective measures to provide a strong level of security for any IoT product.

Renesas Synergy microcontrollers were designed to meet the challenges of today’s connected IoT. Synergy MCUs provide hardware security features such as a true random number generator (TRNG), high-performance crypto acceleration, key generation and hardware secured key wrapping, and read- and write-protected memory. Synergy MCUs are supported by Qualified Synergy Software that provides TLS+MQTT for secured data communications and identity key storage, as well as secure boot for malware and IP protection. Additional security capabilities are enabled by Synergy Platform Partners that provide solutions for secure manufacturing, as well as certificate and TLS identity provisioning. Silicon characteristics that are particular to each MCU die allow for generating unique keys for elliptical curve cryptography (ECC).


Securing on-chip memory resources is a key aspect of key generation and storage and is an important part of any root-of-trust system. Synergy provides two types of secure memory: Read-Protected and Write-Once protected. Read-protected memory allows the developer to allocate certain memory to be in a read-protected partition, and this data (or code) can only be accessed by code that is also in read-protected memory. Typically, read-protected memory is only used for the small portion of the code that accesses sensitive keys and data with an API available to code in unsecured memory. With Write-Once protected memory, the developer can allocate certain flash memory to be in a partition that cannot be modified for the lifetime of the device. This includes any certificates that are used for the lifetime of the device that need to be protected against being modified, but don’t need to be protected against being viewed. Examples include the root certificate that identifies which OEM can update the firmware and the certificate for the device’s identity.

With Synergy MCU hardware features, qualified software, and secure memory, the Renesas Synergy Platform has everything needed to develop a secure embedded platform for today’s IoT.

Secure Memory and Common Usage Scenarios


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