WIZnet — WIZnet’s New Serial to Ethernet Modules Are More Cost Effective Than the Traditional WIZnet S2E Series

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New S2E Modules with Cost Effective Prices

WIZnet has released a new Serial to Ethernet module (S2E module) series, that are pin-to-pin compatible with WIZnet’s existing WIZ1XX series, at much more cost effective prices.

Same HW Platform, Same SW Scheme

Although the existing S2E modules were used in various fields, they were based on different MCU platforms, causing different configuration tools and configuration messages for settings, and somewhat complicated technical support.

To minimize complications, WIZnet standardized the command sets and used the same software module for the new WIZ750SR and WIZ752SR series.

Pin-to-Pin Replacement, Common and Enhanced Configuration

For the new modules, WIZnet also released a CLI (Command Line Interface) based configuration tool because there were some complaints about the GUI configuration tool, which only runs on Windows OS. The new config tool is implemented with Python and can operate on any OS that Python runs on. Batch jobs can be done as well.

W5500S2E-S1/Z1 and W7500S2E-R1/Z1 Series are Additional Options

The W5500S2E series and W7500S2E series are industrial grade serial to Ethernet modules, targeting the Chinese market in particular. The maximum serial baud rate is up to 1.152Mbps depending on MCUs, 1.152Mbps for W5500S2E series and 460.8Kbps for W7500S2E series. Both support WIZS2E ConfigTool, web page configuration and AT command to configure the module.

Additionally, these support NetBIOS functionality and built-in Web Server for remote device management even at a much lower price than before.

Product NameProduct ImageOperating Temperature (°C)Unit Price (at 1K pcs)Unit Price (compatible module)
FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-10 ~ 70USD 13.9USD 18
(WIZ107 and 108SR)
WIZ750SR-100FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-2-40 ~ 85USD 9.8USD 19
WIZ750SR-110FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-3-40 ~ 85USD 16.2USD 21
WIZ752SR-120FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-4-40 ~ 85USD 9.9USD 22
WIZ752SR-125FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-5-40 ~ 85USD 18.6USD 26
W5500S2E-S1FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-6-40 ~ 85USD 13.9N/A
W7500S2E-R1FTMJulyAugust2018-pg9-WIZnet-Table-Image-7-40 ~ 85USD 9.9N/A