CUI Inc. — Innovative Peltier Modules Provide Higher Reliability and Longer Cycle Life

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CUI’s line of high-performance thermoelectric cooling modules features an innovative arcTEC™ structure which delivers superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life.

CUI’s high-performance Peltier modules are available in a wide range of sizes and current ratings to meet the needs of various applications. They range in footprint size from the smallest at 20mm x 40mm to the largest at 50mm x 50mm, and have a profile as low as 3.15mm. The modules’ superior performance enables them to achieve a maximum temperature differential of up to 95°C.

CUI Peltier modules: Maximum temperature differential of up to 95°C

The reliable solid-state construction, precise temperature control and quiet operation of these thermoelectric modules make them ideal for medical and industrial applications, and designs in which forced-air cooling is not possible.

The superior characteristics of these high-performance Peltier modules is due to CUI’s arcTEC structure, which combats the effects of thermal fatigue found in conventional thermoelectric modules by incorporating:

  • A thermally conductive resin between the electrical interconnect and ceramic on the cold side of the module
  • High-temperature solder
  • Larger P/N semiconductor elements made from premium silicon ingot

The combination of these three enhancements greatly improves reliability, performance and cycle life.


  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Fanless designs


  • Current-rating range: 2.0A to 12.5A
  • Supplied with 22 AWG wire leads