Fast Links: All active links from FTM, September 2017 edition

Cypress NEB1DX-01 Eaton HCM1A CC12H XV Supercapacitors TV Supercapacitors Infineon FF11MR12W1M1_B11 FF23MR12W1M1_B11 TLT807B0EPV NorComp Connector Series Panasonic Capacitors Resistors Power choke coils (inductors) Semtech RClamp0582BQ RClamp0512TQ RClamp0512TQ RClamp1521PQ RClamp2431TQ RClamp0524PQ uClamp0301PQ uClamp0511PQ TE Connectivity CPC Series DEUTSCH DT DTM HD30 Series HDP20 Triad Magnetics CME CMT CMT908 Yageo PE Series

Yageo – Metal Current Sensor for Automotive: PE Series


The ever increasing presence of electronics in the automotive environment requires a wide diversity of passive components possessing advanced product characteristics and superior reliability. Not only are established systems like engine control, power steering, transmission, climate control, lighting, and ABS undergoing monumental changes, but relatively new systems, such as car-to-car communications, driver assistance, self-steering, and […]

Vishay – Intertechnology AEC-Q200 Qualified Inductor


Vishay has introduced a new AEC-Q200 qualified inductor that is the industry’s first to offer a continuous current rating of 125A. For automotive and industrial applications, the IHXL-2000VZ-5A features a 190A saturation current for 20% inductance reduction and continuous high temperature operation to +155°C. Mounting options for the device include through-hole, solder, welded, or bolt-on. […]

Vishay – WSHP2818 Automotive Grade Power Metal Strip® Resistor Saves PCB Space and Reduces Component Counts


Device Features 10W Power Rating in Compact 2818 Case Size, Low Resistance Down to 1mΩ. Vishay introduced a new Automotive Grade Power Metal Strip® resistor that delivers a high 10W power rating in the compact 2818 case size. By providing the high power capability of larger resistors in a smaller footprint, the WSHP2818 is designed […]

Varta – Microbattery NiMH Rechargeable Button Cells for OEM High-Tech Applications


VARTA provides NiMH solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications such as notebooks bridging function, memory backups, RAID server backups, eCall/OnStar and real-time clocks in PCs/notebooks, as well as power sources for telecom devices, car lighting and removable car flashlights, remote control devices, GPS-trackers, domestic alarms, car alarms, medical equipment, consumer electronics, solar applications […]

Triad Magnetics – Solutions for Power Noise Suppression and Filtering


Triad manufactures a wide range of popular off-the-shelf and custom designed chokes, inductors and other magnetic components designed for EMI/RFI suppression and noise filtering near power components. Our advanced chokes and inductors offer superior performance, rugged construction, high quality, long life and excellent value. All are RoHS compliant. APPLICATION TECHNOLOGIES Class D amps di/dt inductors […]

TE Connectivity – DEUTSCH Connectors


TE Connectivity’s (TE) DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors are heavy-duty connectors designed to withstand dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain. DEUTSCH connectors are constructed of rugged thermoplastic or durable aluminum and feature silicone seals and grommets that help prevent contamination. The connectors are available in rectangular and cylindrical body shapes and accommodate wire […]

TE Connectivity – Circular Connectivity


With a long history of reliability, TE’s Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) can be used practically anywhere signal and/or power need to enter/exit a system. These come in a versatile range of power and signal options. With versatile and rugged, cost effective design, CPC comes in six different series to allow you to choose the product […]

Susumu – World’s Smallest Low Noise Current Sensing Resistor


In high frequency electronics, unwanted noise added by the components themselves can become a significant issue. In order to address this, Susumu offers longer side terminal low resistance chip current sensing resistors. Their equivalent series inductance is so small that the signal integrity is preserved without adding extra noise. Susumu’s current sensors are also known […]