NKK Switches – Reliabilty Starts Here


NKK Switches offers a full range of switch devices for your toughest environments. Our industrial and IP-rated switches include electrical ratings from 3A to 50A and meet all IEC standards from IP60 to IP67. Splashproof boots are compatible with NKK’s toggle and pushdown switches and provide and additional level of protection against contaminants. Engineers turn […]

E-Switch – E-Switch™ Offers Switch Solutions for Home and Industrial Automation Products


With a robust line of switch products, from rockers and toggles, to push button and tact switches, E-Switch has the solution for your application. Sealed Switches E-Switch’s sealed tact, anti-vandals, push-button and rocker switches have ratings up to IP67. We also offer process sealed switches. Illuminated Switches E-Switch’s illuminated switches offer many options including multiple […]

CUI Inc. – VOF Series: Latest AC-DC power supplies boost power and efficiency in compact footprint


The new VOF series of economical, openframe AC/DC power supplies are available in 30W, 50W, 70W, and 85W versions, and deliver higher efficiency, improved no-load performance, and 5W extra power within the same footprint when compared to the previous generation. Reaching efficiency of up to 90% and with no-load power consumption as low as 0.18W, the VOF-30, VOF-50, and VOF-70 models are rated for […]

Renesas – Work Less. Create More.


Micrium RTOS and middleware modules, bundled with Renesas MCUs, let you bypass the time consuming, expensive and often tedious process of writing infrastructure code – freeing your time and efforts to perfect your design and go on to create new ones. Now with IPv6-ready TCP/IP Networking Stacks “The Power of Two” program is now an […]

Wago – Small is Big


Try it for FREE… Register to qualify to receive your sample. Surface Mount PCB Terminal Blocks Featuring: Ultra-low profile Push-in wire connection Easy wire release features For all your compact controls applications 2059 | 2060 | 2061

Yageo – High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for Industrial Automation


Power supplies require passive components to lower overall energy consumption, and they must be highly stable to temperature fluctuations as well as support noise suppression. High voltage MLCCs are capable of operating at high voltage levels in devices or equipment for power transmission. Yageo’s high voltage ceramic capacitor range exhibits low equivalent series resistance (ESR) […]



NEW POWER TRIPLE LOCK (PTL) CONNECTOR There is no stopping your design ideas with the connector that offers 3 in 1 reliability every time. The PTL connector system offers high performance with a functional design. From the audible lock to the many added customer benefits, the PTL connector system has been specifically developed for better […]

Micrel – MIC33163/263: 4MHz Buck Regulator Modules with HyperLight Load® and Power Good


The MIC33163/263 is a highly efficient synchronous buck regulator with integrated inductor which provides the optimal trade-off between footprint and efficiency. The 100% duty cycle and HLL mode of operation delivers very high efficiency at light loads and ultra-fast transient response which makes the MIC33163/263 perfectly suited for any space constrained application and a great […]

Panasonic – The Latest in Panasonic Semiconductors!


Panasonic brings strategic innovations to our customers’ product development process. We provide the technology and engineering resources to enable manufacturers to plan and build world-class solutions to meet their customer needs. NFC Tag LSI NFC LSI with Low Power Consumption and High Security Featuring ultra-low power and high security, this series can be used in […]

Vishay – Phototriacs: Home Applications


Phototriacs are used as a switch for AC loads and as a pre-driver for larger TRIACs or silicon controlled rectifiers. As a subcategory of optocouplers, they protect sensitive, low voltage control electronics from higher voltage transients or spikes. And, they are found everywhere in your house or apartment.  Phototriacs are either zero crossing or non-zero crossing. Vishay has an extensive portfolio […]