NXP & Macronics – NOR Series: Quad SPI Flash: A Simpler, Faster Alternative to Standard SPI Flash When Adding External Memory to 32-bit MCU Systems


By: Frederik De Swaef, Field Applications Engineer, Macronix and Francesco Petruzziello, MCU Product Application Engineer, NXP The modern 32-bit microcontroller is a remarkably capable device, but its abilities have given rise to a problem for the design engineers who use them; faced with ever growing demand for more features, such as more detailed graphics or […]

Susumu – RG Series: 0.01%, 2ppm (TCR) and Unmatched Reliability


Susumu’s RG series, the best performing and most reliable thin film chip resistors in the market have gotten even better. The new URG series offers significant improvement in reliability as well as TCR linearity. Electrical Characteristics The URG series, like its cousin RGLL, boasts the industry’s best absolute tolerance ±0.01%, and smallest TCR ±2ppm/°C, as thin film chip resistors. Because it is […]

Micrel – Integrate Your Power Solution into a Single QFN Package


Small Solution Delivers Big Performance Evolve Your Design with Micrel’s high Density Module Family Commercial 2.7V to 5.5V Small Size Light Load Efficiency Low Profile MIC33163/4 (1A) (2.5 x 3 x 1.1mm3) MIC33263/4 (2A) (2.5 x 3 x 1.9mm3) Networking/Datacom 4.5V to 26V High Efficiency High Power Density Fast Load Transients MIC45205 (6A) (8 x […]

International Rectifier – Expansion of 60V StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET Family


The new expansion of IR’s portfolio of 60V StrongIRFET power MOSFETs is available in various standard and performance power packages. The new MOSFETs, which feature ultra low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)), are designed for a wide range of industrial applications including power tools, light electric vehicle (LEV) inverters, DC motor drives, Li-ion battery pack protection, and […]

Microchip – PIC24F Family: Protect the Data in Your Low Power Application


New PIC24F Family with eXtreme Low Power and Hardware Crypto Engine Summary With the Internet of Things growing at a rapid rate, protecting embedded data and extending battery life are not an option, but a necessity. Devices in Microchip’s new PIC24F “GB2” family are the first PIC® MCUs to offer an integrated hardware crypto engine […]

TE Connectivity – Control the Signal You Send


With design, production and support locations around the globe, TE Connectivity (TE) is one of the world’s leading relay manufacturers. TE has a long history of expertise in signal relays supported by well-known brands, and offers a wide variety of 2nd and 3rd generation signal relays to meet low current switching requirements with cost effective, low profile designs. Ideal for small spaces, these […]

SL Power – TU425 series: SL Power Solves Test & Measurement Power Challenges with TU425 AC/DC Power Supply Family


The new 425W TU425 series AC/DC power supply offers superior EMC/EMI compliance, RF and surge immunity. This new series addresses the unique needs of all types of test equipment such as oscilloscopes, analyzers, test boards, chromatography mass detectors, as well as industrial process control systems that require clean, reliable power for the highest level of […]

TE Connectivity – Connect With Confidence


TE Connectivity’s Economy Power (EP) II connectors offer two levels of mechanical and electrical reliability: a true locking latch helps prevent the plug housing and post header from vibrating apart, while a snap-in Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) device helps assure that receptacle contacts are fully seated and helps prevent their backing out. Compared to original […]

EXAR – Universal PMIC Family Programmable Power Solution for Any FPGA or SOC


Exar’s FPGA Power Solution is 90% Smaller with More Functionality Customize Your Own PMIC Easy-to-Use Design Software Reduced Time-to-Market 2- to 4-Channels at up to 30A Minimal Size & Component Count On-Board Non-Volatile Memory Power and Status Telemetry Dynamic Voltage Scaling Remote Re-Configurability

NXP – PCA9955A 16-Channel Fm+ I2C-Bus 57mA/20V Constant Current LED Driver


Industrial or home automation system control panels use LEDs for status indicators and for LCD display backlighting. Elegant and userfriendly control panels are a snap to design and cost effective when built around new LED drivers ICs that do more than simply turn those LEDs on and off. Controlling an LED directly ties up an […]