ON Semiconductor – STK55xU3xxx-E family: High Thermal Performance and Efficiency Integrated Power Modules (IPMs)


IPMs provide high thermal performance and efficiency while reducing component count and PCB area. ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK55xU3xxx-E family. With a power range of 10A to 50A in SIP and DIP packaging, the new IPMs integrate a complete 3-phase inverter including the gate drive circuit. The company’s […]

FTM June 2014 Americas Edition


This month’s Application Spotlight is Energy Solutions. Featured Articles from: Renesas: Ultra-Low Power Solutions for Battery-Powered Technology NXP: LPC1500 Motion Control Solution…Flexible, Fast and Simple! Fairchild: High Power PFC Control in Half the Space Vishay: Molded 5W Surface Mount Power Metal Strip® Resistor in a 2818 Package Size Stay up to date! Sign up to […]

Susumu – RG Series: 0.01%, 2ppm (TCR) and Unmatched Reliability


Susumu’s RG series, the best performing and most reliable thin film chip resistors in the market have gotten even better. The new URG series offers significant improvement in reliability as well as TCR linearity. Electrical Characteristics The URG series, like its cousin RGLL, boasts the industry’s best absolute tolerance ±0.01%, and smallest TCR ±2ppm/°C, as […]

Intersil – HIP2103/04: 60V, 1A/2A Peak, Half Bridge Driver with 4V UVLO


HIP2103 and HIP2104: 60V, 1A/2A Peak, Half Bridge Driver with 4V UVLO The HIP2103 and HIP2104 bridge drivers have a configurable topology to enable half bridge, full bridge and three phase motor-driven applications. They provide an innovative safety feature that prevents voltage kickback, which is the leading cause of damage and deterioration of Li batteries. […]

Cymbet – 4 Reasons Future Electronics Customers Use EnerChip™ Batteries in Successful Products


#1 – Never Change a Battery in Your Product Cymbet EnerChip Rechargeable Solid State Batteries are designed to last the life of your product. EnerChips are completely different from legacy batteries and super-capacitors. They can be placed anywhere on the PCB front or back in tight spaces. You can create sleek and sealed products as […]

Cypress – The New PSoC® 4000

With PSoC, engineers can construct their own systems
using PSoC Creator and PSoC Components

Quickly upgrade Legacy 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs to 32-bit performance with Cypress’s ARM-based PSoC® 4000 SoC family PSoC 4 Programmable System-on-Chip Architecture The PSoC 4000 family uses a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU to quickly upgrade legacy 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs. Complicated customer requirements are simple to meet using PSoC Creator™ Components and your application code. […]

Future Electronics – Future Electronics offers the best solutions and service in the industry.


Our Advanced Engineering Group teamed with our Global System Design Center are committed to assisting you with all your design needs. Looking for a quick way to narrow down to the right part for your application? Whether analog or digital, your Future Electronics representative will help you find a fi t for your need. Not […]

International Rectifier – CHiL, PowIRstage and SupIRBuck: Complete End-to-End DC/DC Solutions


  CHiL® Digital power management combined with PowIRstage® provides the most efficient solutions for multiphase converters for processor and memory power       SupIRBuck® offers flexible solutions for all Point-of-Load supply requirements       FEATURES Simple design suites for multi-phase and POL solutions Simple evaluation using hardware development tools Simple layout using digital power, […]

Vishay – VOW3120: Wide-Body 2.5A IGBT and MOSFET Driver


New Device Features Minimum 10mm External Creepage Distance The VOW3120 consists of an infrared light emitting diode optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a power output stage. This optocoupler is ideally suited for driving power IGBTs and MOSFETs used in motor control and inverter applications. The high operating voltage range of the output stage […]

ROHM – SCT2080KE and SCH2080KE: 2nd Generation High Voltage SiC MOSFETs


ROHM offers an expanded lineup of high voltage SiC MOSFETs designed to deliver cost effective, breakthrough performance in inverters and converters in power conditioners and other devices through high voltage resistance, low ON resistance, high speed switching, and fast recovery characteristics ROHM’s latest SiC MOSFETs series features dramatically lower switching loss – as much as […]