Infineon — Distance2Go XENSIV™ Radar 24GHz Development Board


24GHz sensor development kit utilizing Infineon BGT24MTR11 RF transceiver and XMC4200 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU series This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24GHz ISM band such as FMCW distance measurement, Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of […]

Maxim Integrated — Current Sense Amplifier Offers Industry’s Widest Dynamic Range


The MAX40016 from Maxim Integrated is a Current Sense Amplifier (CSA) with an internal sense element which senses current over a four-decade range from less than 300μA to higher than 3A. The four-decade current sensor functions with 1% gain error and offers three, multiplexed programmable output ranges for interfacing with 12-bit ADCs. It accepts a […]

News in Brief — Featuring Cypress, ams, Inventronics


Industry’s First Seven-Port USB-C Hub Controller with USB Power Delivery Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the programmable EZ-USB® HX3PD, the industry’s first seven-port USB Type-C™ hub controller with USB Power Delivery (PD). The hub controller simplifies USB Type-C dock system design by integrating the functionality of five chips into one, lowering bill-of-materials cost and reducing board […]

Nexperia — Single Supply Logic Gates with Voltage Translation


Our 74LV1Txxx logic family provides solutions that integrate voltage level translation with a Boolean function. 74LV1Txxx types are single 1.6 V to 5.5 V supply general-purpose voltage translating devices. Our 74LV1Txxx family is currently composed of ten logic functions including buffers, inverters and gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, EXCLUSIVE-OR, EXCLUSIVE-NOR). Our 74LV1Txxx family provides single-supply […]

ON Semiconductor — Bluetooth Low Energy System-in-Package Includes Radio Transceiver and Antenna


ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 SIP is a complete Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless system-in-package including a 2.4GHz radio transceiver, antenna and passive components. It provides the easiest way to implement low-power Bluetooth Low Energy technology in wireless communication applications. The RSL10 SIP, which has the part number NCH-RSL10-101S51-ACG, supports both Bluetooth Low Energy and proprietary 2.4GHz radio […]

ON Semiconductor — Buck Regulator ICs Operate Over Wide Input-Voltage Range up to 65V


ON Semiconductor supplies a family of synchronous PWM buck regulator ICs which share a common footprint, and which are notable for their high efficiency and thermal performance. The FAN65004B, rated for a maximum continuous current of 6A, the 8A FAN65005A and 10A FAN65008B products operate over a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V to 65V, stepping […]

ON Semiconductor — Precise Current-Sense Amplifiers Feature Low Gain Error and Offset Voltage


The NCV21xR series from ON Semiconductor are automotive voltage-output current-sense amplifiers which can measure voltage across shunt resistors at common-mode voltages ranging from -0.3V to 26V, independent of the supply voltage. The NCV21xR amplifiers are AEC-Q100 qualified for use in automotive systems. ON Semiconductor also supplies the NCS21xR series for use in industrial applications. Offering […]

Panasonic — Understanding Hybrid and Polymer Capacitors


Specifying capacitors might seem a simple task, but it has actually become more complicated in recent years. The reason is growing freedom of choice. The universe of capacitors has expanded greatly over the past few years, in large part because of the new capacitor technologies which have provided many advances in conductive polymer solutions. These […]

Renesas — Dual-Protocol Transceivers Simplify Industrial PC Interfaces


The trend in industrial PC designs towards smaller form factors and more communication versatility is driving the development of modern bus transceivers. New transceivers are favored over legacy designs because of their high level of integration, dual-protocol capability supporting the RS-232 and RS-485 standards, and ample configuration features. Developed in the early 1980s, the RS-485 […]

Renesas — How to Protect Buck Regulators from Over-Current Damage


A synchronous buck regulator will often be used in an industrial application to step down 12V rails to point-of-load inputs, sometimes supplying a voltage as low as 0.6V to a microcontroller, FPGA, memory IC or peripheral I/O. In these cases, Over-Current Protection (OCP) is necessary to protect the switching regulators from damage caused by excessive […]