TE Connectivity — Industry Leading Precision and Accuracy


TE Connectivity’s (TE) portfolio of discrete NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors will solve almost any thermal application. TE’s full spectrum of high-quality discrete NTC thermistors offer precision temperature measurement and excellent performance for value. NTC thermistors are suitable for a wide range of temperature sensing, control and compensation applications from -80°C to 300°C, providing solutions […]

TT Electronics — SMD Reflective Optical Sensor: OPB9000


The OPB9000 is a versatile sensor that can be used in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications. The sensor features market leading ambient light immunity which allows operation from dark rooms to bright sunlight. It can detect various types of media with as little as a 30% change in reflectivity. Robust, industrial grade […]

Vishay — SensorXplorer Evaluation Kits for the Light to Digital Portfolio


SensorXplorer Hardware The SensorXplorer™ base station includes the board shown below and a USB to Micro USB cable. The sensor board plugs into the port shown. The USB cable plugs into a Windows-based PC. Evaluation Software To download a sensor board software, go to www.vishay.com/ref/sensorxplorer. You will find an installation guide and software for each […]

Yageo — High Precision, High Stability Thin Film RT Series for Intelligent Sensing


Intelligent sensing requires a highly precise and stable operation system, it means the resistance drift under long time operation and noise level of the resistor must be very low. Yageo thin film chip resistor RT series is a perfect fit for this application. The advanced sputtering technology forms a fine nichrome resistive layer which is […]

FTM May 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Motor Control Featured Articles from: Infineon – iMOTION™ IMC100: High Performance Motor Control IC Series ON Semiconductor – Sensorless and Standalone Motor Control: From the Car to the IoT Node STMicroelectronics – T-Series Triacs Change the Game in the Ever-Growing Appliance World Maxim Integrated – Tiny Size. Giant Performance. Himalaya uSLIC™ Power Modules […]

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CUI Inc. AMT21 Series AMT23 Series Diodes Inc. AL8862SP-13 Infineon IMC100 Series XMC4800 Series KITXMC48AUTBASEV2TOBO1 Maxim Integrated Himalaya Microchip PIC32MK Series MCP8025 Series MCP8026 Series DM320106 MA320024 ATSAMC21-XPRO ATSAMC21MOTOR NXP Kinetis V Series KV1x KV3x KV4x KV5x ON Semiconductor LV8907UWR2G LV8907UWGEVK BLDC-GEVK Panasonic EEF-CX1C680R EEF-GX0D471R 10TPE330M 16TQC150MYF 20TQC100MYF 2TPE470MAJG 4TPE470MCL 6TPB470M 6TPE100MAZB 6TPE100MPB 6TPE330MAP 6TPE470M […]

CUI Inc. — Compact, Low Power Absolute Encoders Offer 12-bit or 14-bit Resolutions


        The AMT21 series, featuring high speed RS-485 communication, and the AMT23 series, designed with a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), are based on CUI’s proprietary capacitive sensing technology. The capacitive platform offers a highly durable and accurate position feedback solution that is resilient to the dirt, dust, and oil typically encountered in […]

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Drivers – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Future Electronics — How ST’s Motor Profiler Tool Helps Accelerate Motor-Control System Design


By: Gianluigi Forte, Andrea Spampinato, Marcello Palano, Alessandro Corsaro Field Oriented Commutation (FOC), also called vector control, a method for controlling electric motors, was invented in the early 1970s, and remains the most advanced motor-control technique available to the system designer today. It operates by controlling the alternating currents that flow into the phases of […]

Future Electronics – Learn How You Can Leverage Future Electronics’ System Design Center


                    System Design Center 1 Concept Define • Create • Develop 2 Design Engineer • Refine • Document 3 Prototype Prove • Iterate • Learn 4 Manufacture Tool • Debug • Support