Altech Corporation – The Innovative C-TEC Power Storage Solution.


Ultra Capacitor DC-UPS • Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C • Environmentally safe • No Toxic chemicals • Virtually maintenance free • 12 or 24V system design • Up to 10,000 Ws energy plus extension modules • Customized systems up to 600A available • Higher available power vs. batteries • Resists shock and vibration • […]

Future Lighting Solutions – Exclusive. Extraordinary. FREE.


Over 20,000 Lighting Simulations Completed with Future Lighting Solutions’ Lighting System Creator Design Tool The Lighting System Creator is a free online design tool offered by Future Lighting Solutions which enables the user to seamlessly create an entire lighting system. Powered by a proprietary algorithm leveraging light source LM-80 data, the LSC automatically provides appropriate […]

Lumileds – LUXEON SunPlus Series


LEDs created with one market in mind: Horticulture. The future of horticulture LED lighting is here: LUXEON SunPlus Series from Lumileds. Delivering lighting that’s consistent, sustainable and precise, these industry-leading LEDs are the only light engines binned and tested based on photosynthetic photon flux—ensuring proper light absorption for a variety of plants and crops. If […]

Magnum – Simple and Scalable Lighting Control Solutions


Benefits of the Magnum Energy Solutions lighting control portfolio: • Ability to implement a stand-alone system without requiring a gateway • Impervious to interference from standard 2.4 GHz wireless technologies, excellent range and secure • True scalability from building floor to entire building • Support for LED driver control signals such as Xitanium SR, 0-10V, […]

Philips – Making Connected Lighting Mainstream


The depth and complexity of connected lighting systems can vary greatly—from simple luminaire level controls to groups of fixtures to integrated systems connected to building networks.

Philips – The Future Lighting Solutions Philips Lighting Zero Lead-Time Initiative


Parts ship right away, without any wait* Key Program Benefits • ZERO waiting – product is available whenever you need it • ZERO uncertainty – bid on projects knowing you can get the parts you need • ZERO risk – we hold the inventory while you improve your cash flow • ZERO worry – regardless […]

TE Connectivtiy – Future Electronics Awarded Global Broadline Distributor of the Year by TE Connectivity


Future Electronics is proud to be recognized as TE Connectivity’s Global Broadline Distributor of the Year for 2016, a prestigious award based on sales growth and business plan realization, including customer growth, TE share and TE engagement. Joan Wainwright, President, Channel and Customer Experience, TE Connectivity, said, “Future’s commitment to support engineers in demand creation […]