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Over 20,000 Lighting Simulations Completed with Future Lighting Solutions’ Lighting System Creator Design Tool The Lighting System Creator is a free online design tool offered by Future Lighting Solutions which enables the user to seamlessly create an entire lighting system. Powered by a proprietary algorithm leveraging light source LM-80 data, the LSC automatically provides appropriate […]

Semtech – A World of SolutionsTM


Semtech High Reliability Semiconductors: for Undersea, Space and Anywhere in Between Our high performance, rugged and reliable product portfolio for aerospace, industrial, medical and military applications includes: QPL Discretes (Rectifiers, Zener and TVS Diodes), SiC Schottky Diodes, Catalog and Custom Epoxy Molded Diode Assemblies, Catalog and Custom ISOPACTM Diode Assemblies and AEC-Q100 Qualified DC-DC Solutions.

STMicroelectronics – VIPower, The intelligent way to switch


STMicroelectronics’ VIPower “smart switches” are aimed at 12V and 24V+ systems, and are similar to e-fuses with protection features that are often used in 5V systems (e.g. sequencing or protecting loads in battery powered handheld devices) or 12V systems (set top boxes, SSDs). VIPower is an excellent fit for driving loads that operate on a […]

TE Connectivity – What Our Pressure Sensor Sees Moving at 2,468KM/H


Moments after liftoff, a spacecraft is subjected to crushing aerodynamic forces. That’s why solutions like TE Connectivity’s pressure sensors, designed in partnership with one of the most forward-thinking rocket manufacturers, are critical. Customizable, resilient, and designed for innovative applications in all major industries, TE sensors perform in the harshest environments.

TT Electronics – High-Reliability Customization, Quick Turn-Around


TT Electronics offers a comprehensive range of customizable high reliability parts for military and aerospace applications. Our OPTEK Technology and BI Technologies brands specialize in providing you with customized and standard products of the highest quality, reliability, and performance. Our newest product is the radiation tolerant optocoupler well-suited for CubeSat and deep spaceflight applications. From […]