Altech — CBI All-in-One UPS Power Solutions


Altech® CBI All-in-One UPS Power Solutions Combine Power Supply, Battery Charger, Battery Care Module, and Backup Module in Single Device. CBI all-in-one UPS power solutions from Altech Corp.® combine multiple functions in a single device for use as a power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module, or backup module. This “intelligent” device is compatible […]

Altech Corporation – The Innovative C-TEC Power Storage Solution.


Ultra Capacitor DC-UPS • Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C • Environmentally safe • No Toxic chemicals • Virtually maintenance free • 12 or 24V system design • Up to 10,000 Ws energy plus extension modules • Customized systems up to 600A available • Higher available power vs. batteries • Resists shock and vibration • […]

Altech – Introducing the most complete Lineup of UL Ground Fault Equipment Protection


UL 489 Branch Circuit Breaker with Ground Fault Relay • 1+N and 2+N Poles • 240V AC and 120/240V AC • Rated Current 5 – 40A • Residual Current Sensitivity 10, 30, 100 and 300mA • Rated Short Circuit Interrupt Capacity 10kA • Rated Frequency 50/60Hz • Overload Tripping B, C and D UL 1053 […]