ams – AS7225: Tunable-White Lighting Smart System Sensor


The AS7225 is equipped with the product family’s industry-first embedded tri-stimulus CIE XYZ color sensor to enable precise color sensing with direct mapping to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 1931 color space which is recognized as the standard coordinate definition for human color perception. CCT and daylighting tuning directives are communicated to the host […]

ams – TDC-GPX2: 4-channel Time-to-Digital Converter


The TDC-GPX2 is an integrated four-channel converter IC offering single-measurement resolution of up to 20psrms per channel in normal mode. Operating in dual-channel high-resolution mode, it can achieve a maximum resolution of 10psrms with 5ns pulse-to-pulse spacing. Highest measurement performance and highest data throughput are achieved with LVDS stop inputs and LVDS serial output for […]

ams – AS7262/63: Six-Channel Digital Multispectral Sensor ICs


Offered in a small 4.5 x 4.4mm land grid array package, the ultra-low power AS7262 visible range sensor and AS7263 near-infrared (NIR) sensor each provide six calibrated spectral channels. The AS7262 six-channel visible light sensor with integrated intelligence provides a calibrated digital output over an I2C or UART interface. It measures light intensity at six […]

ams – AS7221: Smart Lighting Manager for Spectral Tuning IoT Lighting Control


AS7221 is a networking-enabled IoT Smart Lighting Manager with embedded tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping and control. IoT luminaire control is through a network connection, or by direct connection to 0V to 10V dimmers, with control outputs that include direct PWM to LED drivers and analog 0V to 10V to dimming […]

ams – AS6200: High Accurate Digital Temperature Sensor


The AS6200 is a complete digital sensor system that offers a unique combination of ultra low power consumption, small form factor and high accuracy. The AS6200 provides a fully calibrated and linearized sensor system that can easily be accessed via an I²C interface. It provides a resolution of 12-bit over the full temperature range of […]

ams – AS5170: On-Axis Magnetic Position Sensor Supports Full ISO26262 Safety Compliance


The AS5170 is a high resolution, angular position sensor for precise absolute angle measurement. The AS5170 is available with an analog output interface (AS5170A) or a digital output interface (AS5170B). The latter can be programmed as a PWM or a SENT-compliant output interface. The AS5170 operates at a supply voltage of 5V, and the supply […]

ams – AS1383: 200mA, 3.5MHz DC-DC Step Up Converter


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The AS1383 is a synchronous, high efficiency DC-DC boost converter running at a constant frequency of 3.5MHz. This very high oscillator frequency allows the usage of a low profile inductor with only 1μH. This results in a very small board space requirement for the complete solutions including all external components, […]

ams – TDC-GP30-F01: Single-Chip Hardware and Software Solution for Ultrasonic Water Flow Metering


Sensors TDC-GP30-F01 is a complete ultrasonic flow metering solution, including the flow calculation. It drastically simplifies the design of ultrasonic heat and water meters and is the necessary step for compact energy-saving ultrasonic water meters. The ultra-low current capabilities allow the use of standard 2/3 AA or AA lithium thionyl chloride batteries at 6-8 Hz […]

ams : TMx4903 Low Profile, Optical Sensor Module Reduces Board Space Requirements and Lowers Smartphone BOM Cost


ams’ new series of advanced optical sensing modules, the TMx4903, integrates multiple functions including universal remote control, barcode emulation, RGB color sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection in a low-profile 5.0 x 2.0 x 1.0mm package. The high level of integration in the TMx4903 modules reduces board space requirements and lowers bill of material (BOM) […]

ams: AS3728: 8A HV Dual-Phase Power Stage


The AS3728 is an 8A high voltage power stage to complement the AS3722’s high current DC/DC controllers. The AS3728 provides for a streamlined power architecture in embedded systems, since it can supply the high current required by processor cores directly from a 12V power rail. The AS3728 power stage has a highly thermally efficient design […]