Diodes – PI3USB31532: Industry First USB 3.1 Gen 2/Display Port 1.3 Crossbar Switch for Type-C


    The PI3USB31532 offers a 6 x 4 differential crossbar signal switch with minimal insertion loss and crosstalk. It supports alternate mode switching that allows SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 2) and 8.1Gbps DisplayPort DP 1.3 signals through a USB-C connector, enabling applications for 4K UHD displays at 120Hz or 8K UHD display at […]

Exar – XR5P900/920: HDCVI High Definition Video Encoder for High Definition Video Surveillance


       The XR5P900 and the XR5P920 are fully compatible with other HDCVI products on the market as well as the HDCVI 2.0 standard administered by the HDcctv Alliance. The XR5P900 HDCVI single channel encoder delivers uncompressed 1080p HD video up to 30 frames/second and 720p HD video up to 60 frames/second as well as audio […]

Fairchild – FAN54511: 3.2A Dual Input, Switch Mode Charger with Power Path


       The FAN5451x family of chargers includes an I2C controlled 3.2A USB-compliant switch-mode charger. To facilitate fast system start-up, the IC includes an optimized power path circuit which also accurately measures battery currents during charging and provides low impedance during discharge. The charging parameters and operating modes are programmable through an I2C interface. Charge status […]

Infineon – CDM10V: Dimming Interface IC Delivers Up to 70% Reduction in Component Count


          CDM10V, the Coolest Dimming solution is a fully integrated 0V to 10 V dimming interface IC and comes in a 6-pin SOT package to cover space requirements on small PCBs. The device is targeted for various dimming applications in lighting. The IC can be used to transmit analog voltage based signals from a 0V […]

Intersil – ISL68200/201: Digital Hybrid PWM Controllers with PMBus Simplify Power Supply Design


       The ISL68200 and ISL68201 digital hybrid controllers provide the performance of Intersil’s R4TM control loop with the benefits of a digital PMBus interface. Both controllers are fully configurable with external pin-strap resistors, which provide a familiar engineering design flow and eliminate the need for non-volatile memory. Designers can use the PMBus interface and Intersil’s […]

Microchip – MCP19116/7: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Controllers


      The MCP19116/7 devices are highly integrated, mixed- signal low side synchronous controllers that operate from +4.5V to +42V. The family features an analog PWM controller with an integrated microcontroller core used for LED lighting systems, battery chargers and other low side switch PWM applications. Complete customization of device operating parameters, start-up or shutdown profiles, […]

New Japan Radio – NJU9101: Low Power Analog Front End for Electrochemical Gas Sensor


The NJU9101 is a low power analog front end IC that integrates two channel low power operational amplifiers, a low power A/D converter, and signal processing circuits into one package. The built-in operational amplifiers deployed the New JRC’s circuit design technology to achieve not only high precision, low noise, but also low power consumption. The […]

ON Semiconductor – NCP1602: Power Factor Controller with Enhanced Light-Load Efficiency


The NCP1602 PFC controller is designed to drive PFC boost stages. It is based on an innovative Valley Synchronized Frequency Fold-back (VSFF) method. In this mode, the circuit classically operates in Critical conduction Mode (CrM) when control voltage exceeds a programmable value Vctrl, FF. When Vcontrol is below this preset level Vctrl, FF, the NCP1602 […]