Diodes Inc. – Cost Effective Dimmable LED Driver AL1696 Delivers Wide Triac Compatibility


     The AL1696 LED driver is designed to fit a wide range of triac-dimmable lighting applications, especially retrofit lamps. An integrated MOSFET, which also eliminates the need for an auxiliary winding, reduces BOM cost and component count while the option of three MOSFET voltage/current ratings provides design flexibility for meeting manufacturing requirements for residential lighting. […]

Fraen – Multi-TIR Nested Lens for COB LEDs


Fraen’s patent pending low profile, multi-TIR nested Lens™ technology delivers narrow beam lighting when used with a variety of chip-on-board (COB) and domeless LEDs. The compact design produces a highly efficient well-collimated beam, which cannot be achieved with current optical solutions such as standard TIR collimators and reflectors. FEATURES Full control of the COB LED […]

Future Lighting Solutions – Philips Fortimo LED Strips


               Philips Fortimo LED Strips 0.5ft 550lm, 1ft 1100lm and 2ft 2200lm 1R LV3 Modules Fortimo LED Strip systems are ideal for use in narrow width luminaire designs for architectural applications that were not possible before with fluorescent lighting. Fortimo LED Strips offer best-in-class module efficiency of up to 163lm/W. FEATURES Narrow width (20mm) High […]

Hirose – DF59/DF59M Series Low-Profile Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board Power Connectors


Connecting the Future  -  DF59/DF59M Series Low-profile board-to-board & wire-to-board power connectors ideal for use in LED lighting applications. Our single-pole W-to-B connector with small footprint is ideal for use in narrow spaces. It features an ultra-low profile and positive lock with clear tactile click. • Fits DF59S footprint • 22 – 28 AWG • […]

Infineon – .dp Digital Power 2.0™ for Energy Efficient LEDs (ICL8105)


Every fifth kilowatt hour of electricity around the world is used for artificial light. LED technology, however, is making significant savings possible. But how can we make introducing the technology easier for industry and end users? With .dp digital power 2.0 – Infineon has developed a digital platform for power supply with which the LED […]

JST – Known Worldwide for Reliability, Engineering, Service, Value, and Above All… The Quality Connection.


JST has a solution for almost every application. From the simplest to the most complex, JST has the interconnection product that fits just about every need. We not only stock a myriad of standard items…we can quickly develop special configurations to suit your needs. Product training modules and other technical information is easily found on […]

LEDil – Widest Portfolio on the Market


MODULAR SOLUTIONS Standardized modular structure guarantees ease of installation, future-proof upgrades and easy mixing of different optical solutions inside the same fixture. Range includes modules ready to be used with mid, high and super-high-power LEDs. Latest additions include silicone molded optics to excel in harsher environments. STRADELLA • STRADA2X2 • 2X2MX INDOOR ARCHITECTURAL Specialized range […]

Littelfuse – 835 Series Fuse Improves the Reliability of Digital Signage and Digital Display Systems


The 835 series fuse is a time-lag, ceramic body AC fuse and the first from Littelfuse to combine an unparalleled I2t value, a maximum interrupting rating of 1,500A at 250VAC, and 1.5kA 8/20μs surge withstand capability in a 5 x 20mm footprint. Current ratings of 5A, 6.3A and 8A are available. This fuse, packaged in […]

Littelfuse – LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules Extend the Lifetime of your LED Lighting with Reliable Surge Protection


The LSP05 and LSP10 surge protection modules from Littelfuse provide transient over-voltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. They provide robust surge current handling capability. The close proximity of the integrated thermal element to the varistor body ensures quick response to lightning-induced surges or nearby load switching. Applications include outdoor and commercial LED […]

Lumex – QuasarBrite™ Low Power High Brightness LEDs


Developments in high brightness LEDs represent one of the most significant innovations to hit the lighting industry in recent years. These low power high brightness LEDs have invigorated the industry by offering unparalleled benefits in lighting performance, energy efficiency, durability, and cost savings. FEATURES Cost savings Low power High brightness Many color options APPLICATIONS Battery […]