Cypress — Capacitive Sensing for the IoT


CapSense® is Cypress’ industry-leading solution for touch sensing, implementing the world’s best self and mutual capacitive sensing solutions in Cypress’ line of low-power, flexible PSoC® MCUs. Easily and quickly enable your next connected HMI applications with: Start prototyping today with the PSoC 4000S CapSense Prototyping Kit FEATURING: Arm® Cortex®-M0+ PSoC 4000S MCU 3 CapSense buttons […]

Epson — Epson S1D13513 Display Controller with HW Graphics Engine for High-Resolution Color TFT Panels


Flagship display controller IC offers rich graphics functions and easy-to-use development tools to reduce time-to-market. The S1D13513 from Epson’s broad LCD controller portfolio is a highly integrated display controller capable of supporting TFT LCD panels up to XGA resolutions. With the flexibility of an external SDRAM memory interface, the low-power, cost effective IC supports a […]

Infineon — High-Performance MEMS Microphone with 69dB(A) SNR and Lowest Distortion


        The IM69D130 is designed for applications where low self-noise (high SNR), wide dynamic range, low distortion and a high acoustic overload point is required. IM69D130 is a high-performance digital MEMS microphone making use of Infineon’s Dual Backplate MEMS technology to deliver 105dB dynamic range and high output linearity up to 130dBSPL. The […]

Mallory Sonalert — SMT, PC Pin, and Flange Mount Buzzers Deliver Better Functionality at Lower Cost


In order to keep up with the growing needs of industrial, medical, measurement, and consumer applications, Mallory Sonalert has expanded their board level buzzer offering again! Mallory is offering four new SMT buzzers with circuitry. Part numbers ASI09N27M-05Q (cut-tape) and ASI09N27M-05TRQ (tape-n-reel) utilize electromagnetic technology and have a voltage range of 3Vdc to 7Vdc, a […]

NXP — i.MX RT Series: The World’s Highest Performance Real-Time Processor


The convergence of low-power applications processors and high performance microcontrollers is here. The i.MX RT Series is the industry’s first crossover processor, offering the highest performance Arm® Cortex®-M core, real-time functionality and MCU usability at an affordable price. By breaking down the technological boundaries between MCUs and the applications processors, a new class of processors […]

Renesas — Introducing the New Renesas RX130 Touch-Enabled MCU: Best-in-Class 2nd-Generation 5 Capacitive Touch Technology


The new Renesas RX130 32-bit microcontroller includes a 36-channel capacitive touch sensor unit (CTSU) that uses a proprietary new detection method to improve noise immunity, sensitivity, and water resistance in touch-enabled applications. This improved CTSU increases reliability and robustness, allowing touch keys to be applied to a wide range of materials such as wood panels, […]

Renesas — Renesas RZ/A1 Series: Designed for Exceptionally Smooth HMI


400 MHz Arm® Cortex®-A9 Microprocessors with up to 10 MB of SRAM Key Features eXecute in Place (XIP) from QSPI Flash 1000 DMIPS Arm Cortex-A9 processor Up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM for frame buffering or code execution Support for up to two independent LCD displays and 4-layer graphics overlays with support for alpha […]

Renesas — Renesas Synergy™ Platform: Amp Up Your Visual Style with Renesas Synergy Featuring GUIX™


    Resource-constrained embedded IoT devices have always been forced to make the tradeoff between resource-intensive visual style, low power and performance. However, with the latest GUIX™ and GUIX™ Design Studio solutions from Express Logic running in conjunction with Renesas Synergy S5 and S7 Series MCUs, you can now create fluid and visually appealing user interfaces […]

Vishay — 3-Channel Slotted Interrupter for Turn and Push Applications


    The TCUT1630X01 has two phototransistors for resolving the speed and direction of the encoding media and a third phototransistor below them to sense a push or a rotation flag. Ideal for push-and-turn knob applications or counting revolutions. FEATURES Surface mount package AEC-Q101 automotive qualified Moisture sensitivity level of 1 Operating temperature of 105°C Typical […]