Semtech – SX1276: 137-1050MHz Ultra Low Power Long Range Transceiver


    The SX127x family with LoRa™ provides significant benefits for range, robust performance, and battery lifetime compared to competing technologies. The SX127x platform delivers superior system performance for range, battery operation and interference immunity while eliminating the need for repeaters and complex infrastructure, making it ideal for metering, automation, Internet-ofthings (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) […]

Keil – MDK-ARM a complete development environment for ARM® Cortex® -M Series Microcontrollers


    MDK-ARM™ is the complete development environment for ARM® Cortex®-M series microcontrollers. The MDK-ARM is specifically designed for microcontroller applications and combines the ARM C/C++ Compiler with the Keil RTX real-time operating system and middleware libraries. All tools are integrated into μVision which includes project management, editor and debugger in a single easy-to-use environment. […]

Lattice – iCE40, MachX02, LatticeECP3 : MIPI Solutions for Embedded Systems


    Consumers expect their electronic devices to deliver the best possible, feature-rich experiences. This expectation is fueling the adoption of MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) interfaces & sensors by system architects and design engineers. For a widening set of embedded applications beyond just mobile handheld devices, MIPI solutions enable OEMs to build systems that […]

Cypress – PSoC 4 Programmable System-On-Chip


    The world’s most flexible, low power ARM® Cortex®-M0 one-chip solution for $1 PSoC 4 has a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 system with programmable analog and digital that quickly upgrades legacy 8-bit and 16-bit systems. PSoC Creator™ Integrated Design Environment enables concurrent co-design of application firmware and hardware, simplifying the design and debug of analog […]

TE Connectivity – Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector from TE Connectivity


    Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector – Seal against moisture & debris Ruggedized molded connector interface provides complete seal • Provides protection against water and dust ingress to allow end-application rating up to IP54 • Conforms to the micro USB 2.0 performance specifi cation • Mates with standard micro USB 2.0 B type receptacles […]

TE Connectivity – High Speed Backplane Board-to-board Connectors


    TE Connectivity o‹ffers a broad portfolio of high-speed, high-performance backplane connectors and cable assemblies for aggregate data rates greater than 100 GB/s (up to 40 GB/s per differential pair). • Enables orthogonal and cabled backplane architectures • Reduced connector noise and insertion loss • Optimized PCB footprints FEATURES • Impact Connector | Data […]

NXP – 32-bit Cortex-M0 MCU with I/O Handler LPC11x37H


    Change Your Application without Changing Your MCU By letting you adapt the MCU configuration and functionality to fit your application, at any time during the design cycle, our exclusive softwaredriven I/O handler gives you the ultimate design flexibility. Design changes may be inevitable, but now they don’t have to slow you down. NXP’s […]

Micrel – MIC2790/1/3 Supervisor with High Accuracy, Ultra Fast Propagation Delay, and Capacitor Programmable Reset Delay


    The MIC2790/1/3 is a high accuracy supervisor circuit with an ultra fast response, a manual reset input pin, and a capacitor-programmable reset delay. The device monitors a wide sense input voltage range from 0.4V to 5.5V with an ultra high accuracy of 0.5% at room temperature. The output is asserted when the sense […]

Renesas – RX111 MCUs with the DSP Advantage


      Renesas provides a clear advantage with their new RX100 MCU series by providing critical DSP functionality not found in other entry-level 32-bit MCUs. Unlike competitive M0/M0+ families, the RX111 provides a hardwarebased MAC (multiply/accumulate) and divide capability – offering a huge improvement in design efficiency and performance compared to softwarebased implementations. The […]

TE Connectivity – Z-PACK Slim UHD Connectors for High Speed Signal Applications


    Z-PACK Slim UHD connector system is a flexible and upgradeable system designed to fit 15mm (0.6 inch) slot pitch applications and above. The Z-PACK Slim UHD connector has an extremely high contact density combined with excellent high speed signal performance. Connector Concept • Multiple types of high speed pin assignments are possible, some […]