Vishay – DG1411, DG1412 and DG1413: Precision Monolithic Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switches with Low ON-Resistance of 1.5Ω


The DG1411, DG1412, and DG1413 are ±15V precision monolithic quad single-pole single-throw (SPST) CMOS analog switches, offering low ON-resistance of 1.5Ω. The low and flat resistance over the full signal range ensures excellent linearity and low signal distortion. The new CMOS platform provides low power dissipation, minimized parasitic capacitance, and low charge injection. The devices […]

intersil – ISL29125: Digital Red, Green and Blue Color Light Sensor with IR Blocking Filter


The ISL29125 is a low power, high sensitivity, RED, GREEN and BLUE color light sensor (RGB) with an I2C (SMBus compatible) interface. Its state-of-the-art photodiode array provides an accurate RGB spectral response and excellent light source to light source variation (LS2LS). The ISL29125 is designed to reject IR in light sources, allowing the device to […]

ROHM Semiconductor – ROHM-SENSEKIT1-EVK-101: Sensor Platform Kit, Enables Quick Testing and Evaluation of ROHM Sensors


ROHM’s Sensor Platform Kit (ROHM-SENSEKIT1-EVK-101) is a low-cost way to quickly evaluate and test sensor products provided by ROHM. The kit consists of three main elements: a Sensor Platform Base Board, 6 Sensor Breakout Boards (Analog and Digital Ambient Light Sensors (ALS), Accelerometer + Magnetometer Combo Sensor, along with Hall, Temp, and UV Sensors) and […]

ON Semiconductor – NOA3302: Ambient Light Sensor with Integrated Proximity Sensor


The NOA3302 measures distance in real time and responds to ambient lighting conditions to control display backlight intensity. Multiple power management features and very low active power consumption directly address the power requirements of battery operated portable electronic devices. The NOA3302 combines: Ambient light sensor (ALS) Advanced digital proximity sensor and LED driver Tri-mode I2C […]

ON Semiconductor – NCS333: 10μV Offset, Low Power, Zero Drift Operational Amplifier


The new NCS333 zero drift precision amplifier from ON Semiconductor delivers premium analog performance for front end amplifier circuits and power management designs. System Efficiency: The high analog performance offered by the zero drift architecture enhances motor control feedback loop accuracy and power supply control loop, contributing to higher system efficiency. Precision Sensing: High DC […]

Crocus Technology – CTSR400C Series: Magnetic Sensor as a Switch


The Crocus CTSR400C series is a family of magnetic switches designed for sensing a wide range of magnetic fields. The advantages of the CTSR400C series include high magnetic sensitivity, no bias current, low power consumption, flexible supply voltage, small form factor, and low cost. The Crocus series of magnetic switches is composed of multiple magnetic […]

Zilog – F6482 Series: Introducing Zilog’s Z8 Encore! XP F6482 Series of Flash Microcontrollers!


Based on Zilog’s advanced 8-bit eZ8 CPU core, these MCUs support 1.8V to 3.6V low-voltage operation with extremely low Active, Halt, and Stop Mode currents The F6482 Series Development Kit is a complete development solution containing the following tools: F6482 Series Development Board USB SmartCable (for connecting the PC to the F6482 Series Development Board) […]

Littelfuse – 55300 Series: Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Offers Precise Angular Position Measurement


The 55300 series of Hall effect sensors provides precise 360° angular measurement for rotational position sensing. The 55300 series of rotary absolute position sensors provides angular measurement between 0° and 360°. This Hall effect sensor is designed to operate in combination with a separate magnet offered by Littelfuse. The internal design of the sensor uses […]

ams – TMG399x: IR Gesture, Color, ALS and Proximity Sensor Module with Mobeam™ Barcode Emulation


The TMG399x family of IR gesture sensor modules provides a highly integrated solution offering 5 functions essential for maximizing end user experience in today’s advanced communications and consumer electronics, enabling a coherent display and touchless user interface. Integrating touchless IR gesture detection, color, ambient light and proximity sensors, LED and Mobeam Barcode Emulation functionality provides […]

TE Connectivity – Setting New Standards in Sensors


1. The Measurement Specialties (MEAS) HTU21D series sensor is a new digital humidity sensor with temperature output, embedded in a reflow solderable dual fl at no leads (DFN) package with a small 3 x 3 x 0.9mm footprint. This sensor provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital, I2C format. 2. The MEAS MS4400 series sensor is […]