Compact Relays Switch a Broad Array of Loads Up to 30A


TE Connectivity’s (TE) general purpose high power PCB/panel relays have been establishing industry benchmarks for nearly 30 years beginning with the Potter & Brumfield T90 relay. Since that time, additional models such as the T9A, T92 and T9C have greatly expanded the feature set. Both 1- and 2-pole types are now available with AC or […]

Performance Passives from NIC Components


With a focus on the latest technologies, NIC continues to expand our offering of “Performance Passives.” Each series uses cutting edge technology to provide you with the components you need for your designs. Buy Now: NPC, NSP, NSPE-x, NPI, NPIS, NPIM, NPX – X2 Select Samples with QuickKIT – Build kits from NIC focus products […]

Ceramic Capacitors


ECK-THC Series: Molded SMD Ceramic Y1 Capacitors The ECK-THC Series SMD Y1 Capacitors, with a voltage rating of 250 VAC, offer capacitance values of 100, 220 and 470 pF and capacitance tolerances of +/-10 or +/-20%. Flexible style terminations afford a greater measure of safety. ECK-THC Series capacitors are a unique industry offering for power […]

Susumu – The World’s Smallest Low Noise Current Sensing Resistor


In high frequency electronics, unwanted noise added by the components themselves can become a significant issue. In order to address this, Susumu offers longer side terminal low resistance chip current sensing resistors. Their equivalent series inductance is so small that the signal integrity is preserved without adding extra noise. Susumu’s current sensors are also known […]

WSLP Series: Very High Power, Current Sense, Power Metal Strip® Resistors


The small size of the WSLP Series resistors allows it to replace larger current sensing resistors, saving on the circuit board that in turn will create smaller and lighter products for the consumer. Manufactured using proprietary techniques that result in extremely high power and low resistance values, featuring all-welded construction with a solid metal nickel-chrome […]

AS8506: Simpler, More Robust Architecture for Lithium Cell Monitoring and Balancing


The AS8506 cell monitor and cell balancer IC enables autonomous cell balancing, simultaneous cell voltage comparison and readout of cells all in a robust, simple and small solution. The AS8506 features simultaneous cell voltage comparison with upper and lower threshold, passive or optionally active cell balancing by simultaneous comparison of actual cell voltages with a […]

Low Side Driver with LDO Suits Compact Motor Control Systems


The Fairchild Semiconductor FAN3180 combines a 2A low side driver with an integrated 3.3V LDO regulator. Occupying a smaller footprint than the equivalent discrete design, the device helps designers realize the compact PCB designs required in space constrained motor control applications such as portable power tools. The gate driver is rated for a 2.8A peak […]

Is Your Next Power Conversion Design Already Obsolete?


The power conversion market is constantly changing and pushing for increasing efficiencies and higher integration. You need a semiconductor provider that covers the breadth of components you may need for your next power conversion design and innovates to keep up with the latest standards. No matter which topology or approach you choose to implement power […]

Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Family for 3-Phase Motors


Highly Integrated Devices Provide High Thermal Performance and Efficiency While Reducing Component Count and PCB Area ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK551Uxx2A-E family. With a power range of 10A to 20A in SIP packaging, the new IPMs integrate a complete 3-phase inverter including the driver circuit. ON Semiconductor’s newest […]