AAVID THERMALLOY – Optimized Thermal Management for Power Transistors: The Aavid Max Clip SystemTM


The Aavid Max Clip System is a high performance, low cost thermal solution for discrete power semiconductors. The system eliminates the need for mounting holes, screws or rivets while optimizing the contact and thermal efficiency of the heat sink. Max Clips are quick, robust attachments that save on labor and hardware costs and increase performance […]

CUI INC – 90A Digital PoL Module NDM3Z-90, Provides Wide Range of Control and Monitoring Features


        The new NDM3Z-90 non-isolated module, available in low-profile vertical and horizontal packages, provides an output of up to 90A. It is intended to meet the requirements of the latest FPGAs, processors and microcontrollers for very high power together with sophisticated control and monitoring capabilities. The module incorporates a range of advanced digital features, including […]

Future Connectivity Solutions – Create, Connect, Control Hands-on workshop featuring NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart


Free hands-on workshop Future Connectivity Solutions is pleased to offer a one day free hands-on workshop introducing attendees to three key technologies for the Internet of Things: NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart. Demo Fairs With Leading Manufacturers In between the workshop classes, speak with some of the industry leading experts on their latest IoT technologies […]

Infineon – New Generation 5 SiC Diodes Enables a New Level of Efficiency and Reliability


         The implementation of highly efficient, compact and simple 3-phase inverter systems are currently limited by silicon devices’ high dynamic losses operating at 1200V voltages. Alternative designs using 600V/650V devices can partially improve efficiency. However, they come at the expense of more complicated (3-level) topologies with complex control schemes and more power components. Infineon’s 1200V […]

Intersil – Power dense modules; 3A ISL8202M and 5A ISL8205M for compact <10A designs


Power dense, easy to use, fully integrated DC to DC point-of-load solutions for all your low voltage applications Intersil power modules are simple to design, and offer the smallest footprint for a given output current. • Pin-compatible 3A ISL8202M and 5A ISL8205M single channel power modules offer a 2.6V to 5.5V input voltage range, 0.6V […]

Littelfuse – Board-Level Circuit Protection for Data Center Solutions


Maintain your connection to the cloud with Littelfuse circuit protection! Littelfuse provides a wide portfolio of board-level circuit protection components that are specifically designed to help maintain the reliability, power efficiency and up-time of IT infrastructure solutions in data centers. With increasing demands for more data storage, faster connectivity, increased security, and energy efficiency, let […]

Littlefuse – 688 Series High Current Fuse Withstands High Lightning Surge


The 688 Series Fuse is a 70VDC rated ceramic fuse with remarkable interrupting rating in a compact 6 x 25mm package. It offers protection superior to that of circuit breakers, providing short-circuit and overload protection and ensuring long-term reliability for applications that operate at high surge exposure levels which is well suited for circuit protection […]

Mean Well – The New Generation of LRS Family Industrial Standard Power Supply Now Unveiled!


         In order to continuously enhance MEAN WELL’s competitiveness for enclosed type power supply, and to fulfill the end product’s demand for low no load power consumption and miniature system installation, MEAN WELL is formally unveiling the new generation 35W ~ 350W “without PFC” LRS enclosed type family ~ LRS – 35/50/75/100/150/150F/200/350. The LRS family […]

NIC Components Corp. – Performance Passives from NIC Components


With a focus on the latest technologies, NIC continues to expand its offering of “Performance Passives”. Each series uses cutting edge technology to provide you with the components you need for your designs. Low ESR Capacitors NPC, NSP, NSPX – Solid Electrolytic Temperature Range: -55°C ~ +105°C Capacitance: 10μF ~ 560μF Capacitance Tolerance: 20% Voltage […]

ON Semiconductor – Bringing Extensive Experience to the Protection, Monitoring, and Charging of Battery-Connected Devices


With the advent of the Internet of Things, battery-powered devices are quickly becoming the norm in many connected applications. ON Semiconductor offers unique solutions for the protection, monitoring, and charging of the battery-connected devices powering the Internet of Things. PROTECTION: LC05111/12/32 Battery Protection Controllers The LC051xx family of battery protection controllers integrates a battery protection […]