Bosch – BHI160 Low-Power Sensor Hub


The BHI160 is a small, low-power smart-hub with an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer plus a programmable microcontroller. Containing pre installed software and specific algorithms for activity recognition, it is specifically designed to enable always-on motion sensing. It perfectly matches the requirements of applications which demand highly accurate, real-time motion data at very low power consumption, […]

Cypress – New Ultra-Low-Power, Dual-Core MCU Offers Flexibility and Hardware-Based Security Capabilities for the IoT


         Cypress Semiconductor has announced PSoC® 6, a new microcontroller architecture which is purpose-built for the Internet of Things (IoT). The PSoC 6 MCU is based on Cypress’s ultra-low-power 40nm process technology, and offers a power-efficient and flexible architecture, including the security features required for next-generation IoT devices. The PSoC 6 architecture fills a gap […]

Infineon – 3D Magnetic Sensor for Smaller, More Accurate and Robust Designs


Our new 3D magnetic sensors were designed to take three dimensional sensing to new levels of accuracy on the lowest possible power consumption. Capable of measuring 3D, linear and rotational movement, they are perfect for a wide range of automotive, industrial and consumer applications such as indicators, gearsticks, e-meters, joysticks and white goods control knobs. […]

Melexis – Current Sensing Made Easy MLX91210 – Integrated, Calibrated and Compact


Managing power properly to ensure that power-oriented systems operate safely and efficiently, as well as providing telemetry to system controllers, is increasing in importance due to environmental issues and rising energy costs. Improving the quality of data can only be achieved by continuing to develop higher performance and convenient current sensors. Conventional approaches to current […]

Murata – Murata PRF Series PTC Thermistors


Ideal for temperature sensing of FETs, Power ICs, and other heat generating areas. Exploiting the ceramic PTC characteristic (a sharp increase in resistance above a certain temperature), the Murata PRF series chip PTC thermistors are ideal for temperature sensing of FETs, Power ICs and other heat generating areas. Sharp changes in resistance make it possible to […]

ON Semiconductor – High Performance Imaging for Industrial and Machine Vision


PYTHON image sensors from ON Semiconductor deliver: • A full family of devices from VGA to 25 megapixels with multiple spectral sensitivity and packaging options. • High image quality and low noise from an advanced CMOS global shutter pixel design with correlated double sampling. • Bandwidths that meet and exceed CoaXPress-6, USB image quality and […]

Sensirion – Proven and Improved – Differential Pressure Sensors SDP800 Series


            Differential pressure sensors in the SDP800 series are the reliable solution for precise air flow measurement in the most demanding but cost-sensitive applications. The sensors are the result of more than 15 years of experience in measuring air flow to millions of HVAC systems, car engines and patients. FEATURES No offset, no zero-point drift, […]

TE Connectivity – FC22 Compression Load Cell


TE Connectivity’s (TE) FC22 is a medium compression force sensor that creates new markets previously unrealizable due to cost and performance constraints. The FC22 offers normalized zero and span for interchangeability and is thermally compensated for changes in zero and span with respect to temperature. The FC22 incorporates TE’s MEAS’ proprietary Microfused technology which employs […]

TE Connectivity – Precision in Extreme Temperature Environments


TE Connectivity’s Platinum Temperature (PTF) sensor family combines a group of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) using a platinum resistor in thin film technology as a sensing element. The characteristic curves of this platinum RTDs are compliant with DIN EN 60751. The usage of platinum as resistive material guarantees high long term stability. A platinum RTD […]

TE Connectivity – Sensor Development Boards


TE Connectivity (TE) sensor development boards help accelerate rapid prototyping of new development designs. With low power and a small footprint, they are particularly suitable for wearable and connected devices that gather and share information about health monitoring, fitness, air quality and related applications. Each provides the necessary hardware and software libraries to interface with […]