Littelfuse – LV UltraMOV® Varistor Series Low Voltage, High Surge Current Varistors


Continuous Voltage Rating to 125VDC and Peak Surge Current Ratings to 10kA The LV UltraMOV Varistor Series has been expanded to provide solutions for applications with higher DC voltage and surge requirements. The expanded line adds higher continuous voltage ratings from 65VDC to 125VDC, and an enhanced surge current rating of up to 10kA (8/20μs […]

Littelfuse – Ultra-Low Forward Voltage Drop Schottky Barrier Rectifier Outperforms Conventional Switching Diodes


         The LFUSCD Series of silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes is the latest addition to Littelfuse’s growing line of power semiconductor products. When compared to standard silicon bipolar power diodes, LFUSCD Series SiC Schottky diodes allow designers to reduce switching losses, accommodate large surge currents without thermal runaway, and operate at higher junction temperatures, all […]