ON Semiconductor – LC717A10AR-NH 16 Channel Electrostatic Capacitive Touch Sensor


The LC717A10AR-NH is a high performance, low cost capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic capacitive touch sensors, especially focused on usability. High sensitivity: innovative capacitive touch switch technology eliminates design concerns with air gaps and material thickness responsiveness due to high sensitivity performance. Design friendly: can be connected directly to a familiar MCU and execute standalone operation. This makes it very easy to implement, speeds design […]

Amphenol – Advanced Sensors


Advanced Sensors GE Measurement & Control completed the sale of the Advanced Sensors business to Amphenol. We are now Amphenol Advanced Sensors! We changed our name but not our commitment! Amphenol Advanced Sensors World leader in embedded sensor technologies for healthcare, transportation and industrial applications

STMicroelectronics – LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor


Enable New Experiences in Indoor Navigation or Cut a New Path for Your Wearable Designs From the peak of Mount Everest down to the Dead Sea Shore, portable devices can now pinpoint their height relative to sea level to within a meter, using the new LPS25 MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) pressure sensor from STMicroelectronics. The LPS25H […]

Diodes – AH1902 and AH1903: Micropower Hall Switches from Diodes Raise Detection Circuit Performance


Diodes has extended its family of Hall effect switches with the introduction of a pair of high sensitivity, micropower devices. Bringing greater design flexibility and savings in both power and space, the AH1902 and AH1903 help raise the performance bar of a wide range of contact-less switch applications in consumer, domestic, office and industrial products. The AH1902 is an omnipolar device, detecting both north […]

Renesas – RX Family DSP Capability is Ideally Suited for Sensor-Based Applications


Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart phones and other technology trends, the use of sensor-based embedded systems continues to grow dramatically. Renesas’ industry-leading 32-bit RX MCU family is becoming the market leader in these rapidly proliferating sensor applications by providing key advantages to designers focused on sensor fusion and near-sensor processing applications. What is […]

ROHM Semiconductor – ML610Q793 and ML610Q794G: The Industry’s Smallest Low Power Microcontrollers for Sensor Management


The ML610Q793 and ML610Q794G 8bit MCUs are specifically designed to manage, collect, and analyze data from an array of environmental sensors.   They integrate a proprietary high-performance 8-bit RISC CPU core (U8) and 16-bit coprocessor for arithmetic operations, along with analog to digital converters and multiple interfaces in an ultra-compact form factor. These devices operate at up […]

Crocus Technology – CTSX family: New Generation of High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors


The Crocus CTSX family of magnetic sensors is designed for sensing low magnetic fields. The advantages of these magnetic sensors include proprietary Thermal Assisted Switching (TAS) programming, Differential Thermal Assisted Programming (DTAP), high sensitivity, high linearity, excellent frequency response, and low power. The Crocus series of magnetic sensors is composed of multiple magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) made of magnetic thin films. The MTJ cell is […]

Littelfuse – Hamlin – 55320: Non-Contact Magnetic Sensing from Littelfuse-Hamlin


Hall sensors and Hall Effect sensors are a solid state device with no moving parts. The Hall sensor’s operational life is virtually unlimited if operated within the Hall Effect electrical load ratings and its junction temperatures are not exceeded. The Hall Effect sensors that Hamlin uses have 3 types of output options: digital, latching, and […]

ROHM Semiconductor – Sensor Synergy from the ROHM Group Companies


The ROHM Group Companies offer total sensor solutions that provide unprecedented functionality through product and technological synergy, achieved by combining ROHM’s broad array of sensors and power management devices with Kionix accelerometers and gyroscopes and LAPIS Semiconductor’s sensors and low-power microcontrollers. In addition, comprehensive support is provided, including reference boards and software development kits, that […]

Melexis – The MLX90620 FIRray Brings Multi-Point Temperature Measurement 3 to Low-Cost Applications


Built On Proven Infrared Technology The MLX90620 is the ideal sensor for low cost, low resolution thermal imaging and multi-point temperature measurement. With its integrated electronics it is ready to make your automotive, industrial or security application a reality. For over 10 years Melexis has been making reliable and accurate IR thermometers. In the MLX90620, Melexis combines 64 of its […]