ams — Tunable White Lighting…Simplified!


The AS7221 and AS7225 smart lighting manager and director, from optical sensing leader ams AG, bring luminaire manufacturers and integrators the world’s first chip-scale tunable-white integrated lighting “system-on-a-chip” solutions. The addition of closed loop optical sensing delivers the added benefit of optimizing overall system architecture by enabling tunable-white solutions from a single channel driver, while […]

AVX — Size Does Matter! Featuring Ruggedized Contacts


Wire-to-Board Low Profile IDC: Series 9176 2.55mm “Z” axis height 70% volume reduction Encapsulation friendly Gas tight interface Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board STRIPT™ 2.5mm Poke-Home: Series 9296 1st Ever without wire stop Fatigue resistant beams Integral centering guides Closed box design maximizes strength

Infineon – BCR430U: Linear Low-Voltage Drop LED Driver IC


Long term reliability and longevity of LEDs are key. BCR430U is the best choice when you need to drive low power LED strings and strips supplied by a DC voltage source while still requiring more flexibility in voltage headroom. BCR430U is a linear LED controller IC in a small SOT23-6 package regulating the LED current […]

Lumileds — Elevate Luminaire Design without the Heavy Lifting


Producing the perfect luminaire typically calls for significant effort—and a fair amount of guesswork. Not anymore. Advanced Technologies, an integral part of Matrix Platform and a valuable complement to LUXEON LEDs, are changing the luminaire manufacturing game. These innovative components streamline the development of integrated, fully assembled LED solutions and ensure they are optimized for […]

Lumileds — LUXEON 5050: Breakthrough Efficacy and Lumens Enabling Low System Costs for Outdoor and Industrial Markets


The upgraded LUXEON 5050 has been launched, setting the standard for high lm/W for outdoor and industrial applications. LUXEON 5050 provides high luminance from a single package to enable cost effective, single optic and directional fixture designs. It features the best performance driven at 2W, reaching flux levels of 350 lm and 175 lm/W (4000K, […]

Lumileds — New Deep Red and Far Red LEDs and CoB Products for Horticultural Lighting


Lumileds has added three new products to its LUXEON SunPlus Series of award-winning LEDs for horticultural lighting. The LUXEON SunPlus Series is the only line of LEDs on the market to be tested and binned by Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF), the unit which expresses the total amount of photosynthetically active radiation that a light emits per […]

Lumileds — New LUXEON C Color Line: A Spectrum of Possibilities


Designs like yours demand the finest quality of light—and that’s exactly what the new LUXEON C Color Line delivers. With a consistent focal length and uniform radiation patterns across a comprehensive portfolio of color and white emitters, these high power LEDs have no equal. And with industry-leading center beam power and flawless color mixing, you […]

Lumileds — LUXEON SunPlus Series. LEDs Created With One Market in Mind: Horticulture


The future of horticulture LED lighting is here: LUXEON SunPlus Series from Lumileds. Delivering lighting that’s consistent, sustainable and precise, these industry-leading LEDs are the only light engines binned and tested based on photosynthetic photon flux—ensuring proper light absorption for a variety of plants and crops. If you’re ready to enter the expanding horticulture market, […]

Lumileds — The Choice for Color Has Never Been More Black and White


There are architectural and entertainment lighting designs where optimal color isn’t just a luxury—it’s an absolute necessity. Fortunately, our LUXEON Color LED Family is up to the challenge. With the most complete spectrum of colors—from Red, Green, Blue to even Lime—and an unmatched quality of light, LUXEON Color LEDs are the clear choice. When color […]

NICHIA — Launch of White LED That Offers Ultra-High CRI: Optisolis


     To improve the quality of light in a new generation of demanding lighting applications, NICHIA has developed a family of white LEDs named Optisolis™ which offers ultra-high Color Rendering Index (CRI) values. The light output from the Optisolis range of LEDs has the closest possible match to that of natural light. The Optisolis […]