TE Connectivity – Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector from TE Connectivity


    Splashproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector – Seal against moisture & debris Ruggedized molded connector interface provides complete seal • Provides protection against water and dust ingress to allow end-application rating up to IP54 • Conforms to the micro USB 2.0 performance specifi cation • Mates with standard micro USB 2.0 B type receptacles […]

TE Connectivity – High Speed Backplane Board-to-board Connectors


    TE Connectivity o‹ffers a broad portfolio of high-speed, high-performance backplane connectors and cable assemblies for aggregate data rates greater than 100 GB/s (up to 40 GB/s per differential pair). • Enables orthogonal and cabled backplane architectures • Reduced connector noise and insertion loss • Optimized PCB footprints FEATURES • Impact Connector | Data […]

TE Connectivity – Z-PACK Slim UHD Connectors for High Speed Signal Applications


    Z-PACK Slim UHD connector system is a flexible and upgradeable system designed to fit 15mm (0.6 inch) slot pitch applications and above. The Z-PACK Slim UHD connector has an extremely high contact density combined with excellent high speed signal performance. Connector Concept • Multiple types of high speed pin assignments are possible, some […]