Vishay — Ambient Light Sensor, VEML6030 and VEML7700


Vishay’s VEML6030 and VEML7700 are the next best thing to a lux meter at a fraction of the cost. Under all lighting conditions, their output is within 10% of a calibrated lux meter. They incorporate photodiodes, amplifiers, analog/digital circuits, and an I2C interface on a single chip. Available in top or side-view. OPTICAL FEATURES Matches […]

Vishay — NTC Thermistors Provide Intelligent Thermal Management Options for High Brightness LED (HB-LED) Lighting Systems


High brightness, high power LEDs (HB-LEDs), although quite efficient light sources, still generate a lot of heat. When not controlled, high LED-die temperatures can significantly reduce the luminous flux output and lifetime of the LEDs. To ensure a highly reliable LED lighting system, the LED-die temperature needs to be controlled. One of the most efficient […]