C&K Components – Innovative Switch Solutions with DETECT: HDT Series, DIP: RTE Series and TACT: KSC Series


C&K Components is a leader in interface and switch technology as well as smart card and high reliability connector products. C&K offers more than 55,000 unique part numbers that are built, priced and delivered as standard catalog items, including a comprehensive range of toggle, rocker, push-button, rotary, key, slide, DIP, thumbwheel and illuminated switch products, […]

E-Switch – Big Tech, Miniature Package New Tact Switches, TL3305, TL3360 and TL3365 – for the Wearable Technology and Handheld Devices Market


The growth in the wearable technology and handheld devices market has exploded in the last two years, estimating it to grow to $35 billion by 2020. Compact wearable devices equal compact components. E-Switch offers new tact switches to fit this expanding market. Introducing the TL3305, TL3360 and TL3365 miniature tact switches, these compact surface mount […]

Panasonic – Offering A Wide Range of Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


Panasonic is a leading supplier of specialty sensor technologies, offering a wide array of sensor types including acceleration, angular, PIR motion, pressure, temperature and the new Grid-EYE infrared array sensor technology. PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications Simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. Only 1mA current consumption, suitable for battery-driven […]

Renesas – RL78 Family – Bringing Ultra-Low-Power to your application


The extensive family of Renesas RL78 microcontrollers consists of both general-purpose devices and application-specific MCUs. These increasingly popular MCUs make ultra-low-power applications possible by giving system designers advanced power-saving features and high-performance operation. RL78’s Low-power Modes Maximize Battery Life Three low-power modes maximize battery life by either putting on-chip functions such as the CPU, clock […]