Minmax — Isolated 8W DC/DC Converter with Wide 4:1 Input Range in Small DIP Package


MINMAX’s new MDWI08 series of 8W isolated DC/DC converters, housed in a 16-pin DIP package measuring just 0.94” x 0.54” x 0.31” (23.8 x 13.7 x 8.0mm), offers a very high power density of up to 50W/in3. The shielded metal package has a built-in EMI filter. The MDWI08 series consists of 14 models which operate […]

STMicroelectronics — Replace Schottky with Field-Effect


STMicroelectronics’ new series of 60V and 100 V field-effect rectifier diodes (FERD) range from 20A to 40A with 6 package options. Based on a proprietary process, these diodes achieve the best-in-class VF/IR trade-off for a given chip surface. These diodes deliver much better intrinsic performance than traditional Schottky-structured diodes of equivalent voltage and current ratings. […]