Exar – XR1008, XR2008 0.5mA, 75MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers


The XR1008 (single) and XR2008 (dual) are rail-to-rail output amplifiers that offer superior dynamic performance with 75MHz small signal bandwidth and 50V/μs slew rate. The XR1008 and XR2008 amplifiers consume only 505μA of supply current per channel and are designed to operate from a supply range of 2.5V to 5.5V (±1.25 to ±2.75). The combination […]

CUI – VOF Series: AC-DC Power Supplies Offer Improved No-Load Performance


CUI has expanded its VOF series of compact, open-frame AC-DC power supplies with new 100W, 120W and 150W models. This second generation of open-frame power supplies provides a number of improvements over the company’s previous offerings, including higher efficiency, improved no-load performance and a boost in power. The power supplies can accommodate a wide universal […]

Fairchild – FAN53525: 3.0A, 2.4MHz, Digitally Programmable TinyBuck® Regulator


FAN53525: 3.0A, 2.4MHz, Digitally Programmable TinyBuck® Regulator The FAN53525 is a step-down switching voltage regulator that delivers a digitally programmable output from an input voltage supply of 2.5V to 5.5V. The output voltage is programmed through an I2C interface capable of operating up to 3.4MHz. Using a proprietary architecture with synchronous rectification, the FAN53525 is […]

Vishay – VOW: Vishay’s Widebody Optocoupler Advantage


Optically isolating low voltage control electronics, electrical noise (EMI and RF) and people from high voltage is the primary role of an Optocoupler. The value of the high voltage determines the level of isolation required. For Category III with up to 1000V mains and Category IV with up to 600V mains, isolation voltage of 8000V […]

Exar – XR1009, XR2009 0.2mA, 35MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers


The XR1009 (single) and XR2009 (dual) are ultra low power, low cost, voltage feedback amplifiers. These amplifiers use only 208μA of supply current and are designed to operate from a supply range of 2.5V to 5.5V (±1.25 to ±2.75). The input voltage range extends 300mV below the negative rail and 1.2V below the positive rail. […]

International Rectifier – 75V StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET Family


The new expansion of IR’s StrongIRFET MOSFET portfolio includes 75V devices for a wide variety of industrial applications including power tools, light electric vehicle (LEV) inverters, DC motor drives, Li-Ion battery pack protection, hot-swap and switched mode power supply (SMPS) secondary-side synchronous rectification. The new family of 75V StrongIRFET power MOSFETs feature ultra low on-state […]

TE Connectivity – Meets the Need for Miniaturization


TE Connectivity’s Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors are ideal for use where small spaces make larger wire-to-board interconnect impractical in applications such as consumer electronics, business and industrial equipment, and medical. As market trends evolve toward miniaturization, FPC connectors meet the design challenges of this expanding market with a high density, low profile and light […]

CUI – With You from Start to Finish


We understand that electronic product design is a journey with many challenges. As a leading manufacturer of power supplies, we are with you from start to finish, collaborating to ensure that your next project is a success. Let us be your power expert.            

Intersil – ISL28025: Precision Digital Power Monitor with Real Time Alerts


ISL28025: Precision Digital Power Monitor with Real Time Alerts The ISL28025 is a bidirectional high side and low side digital current sense and voltage monitor with a serial interface. The device monitors power supply current and voltage and provides the digital results along with calculated power. The ISL28025 provides tight accuracy of less than 0.1% […]

Susumu – RG Series & RR Series: Precision and Reliable Ultimate Thin Film Chip Resistor!


Established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1964, Susumu has been the industrial leader in thin film resistors for over 40 years, enjoying the largest share of the thin film resistor market in the world. Our latest innovation is the ultimate thin film chip resistor, RG series, that far exceeds even thick film resistor reliability, reaching 0.01fit […]