Cypress – Industrial Solutions


Cypress’ product portfolio empowers the formation of the Industrial IoT and the transition to Industry 4.0. Next-generation industrial devices require the highest performance, most energy efficient, and most secure microcontrollers, radios and memories. And that is exactly what Cypress offers our customers. Learn more below about how Cypress MCU, Connectivity, and Memory solutions are solving […]

Cypress – Introducting the PSoC 6 Early Adopter Program (EAP) Community


In this community, you will receive the latest news on Cypress’ PSoC 6 solutions, interact with Cypress in the discussion forum, and have a chance to win a PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit. Cypress will be updating content in the community frequently and interacting through the discussion forums with you and other members. Please “follow” […]

Cypress – New Ultra-Low-Power, Dual-Core MCU Offers Flexibility and Hardware-Based Security Capabilities for the IoT


         Cypress Semiconductor has announced PSoC® 6, a new microcontroller architecture which is purpose-built for the Internet of Things (IoT). The PSoC 6 MCU is based on Cypress’s ultra-low-power 40nm process technology, and offers a power-efficient and flexible architecture, including the security features required for next-generation IoT devices. The PSoC 6 architecture fills a gap […]

Cypress – Enabling Long Range Connectivity in Industrial and Commercial IoT Applications


By Utsav Ghosh, Product Marketing; Matthew Salmanpour, Distribution Marketing; Cypress Semiconductor Corporation BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY IS ENABLING LONG RANGE IOT Bluetooth has traditionally been viewed as a short range technology for audio and personal area networks. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) however is being adopted in a wide array of industrial and commercial/consumer IoT applications like […]

Cypress – Introducing PSoC® 6: Purpose-Built for the IoT


Introducing the PSoC 6 MCU Portfolio PSoC 6 is Cypress’ newest PSoC MCU, purpose-built for the IoT. The PSoC 6 MCU is built on a cutting-edge, ultra-low-power 40-nm process technology, and delivers the industry’s best combination of ultra-low-power consumption, flexibility, security, and high-performance. PSoC 6 utilizes a flexible, dual ARM® Cortex®-M architecture which optimizes for […]

Cypress – Cypress BLE Solutions Deliver Unmatched Ease-of-Use for Drop-In Wireless Connectivity


Long Range + Extended Temperature CYBLE-224110-00 • 9.5 x 15.4 x 1.8mm • BT 4.1 • 400m range (line-of-sight) • Extended temperature (-40°C to +105°C) Applications: Industrial automation/lighting Smallest Form Factor CYW20736S • 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.2mm • BT 4.1 • CYW20736E for external antenna support Applications: Space constrained sensor node Small Form Factor […]

Cypress – PSoC MCU Dev Kit Featuring Capacitive-Sensing Buttons and Wireless Connectivity


       A new prototyping kit from Cypress enables customers to evaluate and develop projects using the PSoC 4000S, a family of PSoC MCU controller ICs. PSoC 4000S devices feature an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor core, up to 32KB of Flash memory, 4KB SRAM, up to 36 general purpose I/Os all capable of CapSense® capacitive sensing technology, […]

Cypress – Create a Tiny Solar-Powered IoT Wireless Sensor Node with the Lowest Power Energy Harvesting BLE Solution


The Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit (RDK) is designed to help you create tiny, solar-powered IoT devices with BLE wireless connectivity. The RDK comes with a Solar BLE Sensor, as well as a BLE-USB Bridge and Debug Board. The Solar BLE Sensor is based on Cypress’ Energy Harvesting Power Management IC (PMIC) S6AE103A […]

Cypress – Design Ultra-Low Power, Secure Wireless Systems with Cypress’ Bluetooth Portfolio


Bluetooth Has Become the Standard Wireless Technology for the Internet of Things. Legacy audio streaming and hands-free applications use Bluetooth Classic. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) however took Bluetooth beyond audio and made it the de-facto standard for low-power applications that wanted to exchange data with smartphones. Enhancements, such as the Bluetooth Mesh, promise to make […]