STMicroelectronics — TVS Diodes in Space-Saving Thin Package Feature 400W and 600W Peak Pulse Power Ratings


The SMA4F and SMA6F unidirectional Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes introduced by STMicroelectronics are packaged in a thin SMA Flat package to provide space savings in circuits which require protection from high peak-power pulses. The SMAxF devices are footprint-compatible with their sister SMAJ and SMBJ families. At just 1mm high, the SMA4F and SMA6F series […]

Susumu — Precision Chip Resistors Handle High Power Loads Up to 1W


Susumu has introduced the HRG series of high-power chip resistors which offer precise and stable resistance over a wide temperature range and numerous temperature cycles. The HRG series features conventional short-side wrap-around terminals, in contrast to Susumu’s PRG series resistors, which have long-side terminals. The proprietary thin-film resistor construction and enlarged bottom terminals mean that […]

Triad Magnetics — Triad’s 50/60Hz World Series Transformers


With more than 70 years of transformer design and manufacturing experience, Triad now offers over 500 different power transformers that are available off-the-shelf from the industry’s leading distributor network. In today’s shrinking world and global market, it is essential to design products that can be delivered worldwide. For this reason, Triad has designed one of […]

Vishay — Apples to Apples? Considerations When Substituting Polymer and Tantalum Capacitors for MLCCs


By Craig Hunter, Senior Director, Global Marketing Communications and Dave Richardson, Senior Manager of Field Applications, Vishay Intertechnology OEMs are today suffering from shortages of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs), especially for devices in large case sizes and in high capacitance values. This has led them to evaluate the polymer tantalum capacitor as an alternative for […]

Yageo — Precision Resistor’s Low Current Noise and Temperature Drift Ensure Accurate Signal Transmission


Yageo’s RT series of thin-film resistors provides for accurate signal transmission because of high precision, high stability and low current noise. In the RT series thin-film resistors, advanced sputtering technology is used to form a fine nichrome resistive layer on the ceramic substrate. This produces attractive performance characteristics for applications that require high signal integrity, […]

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Cypress CY8CKIT-062-BLE CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT Diodes Incorporated AL5890-10P1-13 AL5890-15P1-13 AL5890-20P1-13 AL5890-30P1-13 AL5890-40P1-13 Infineon SLE952500000XTSA1 Maxim Integrated DS28E38EVKIT# MAX98357AETE+T MAX98358ETE+ Microchip ATSAMD51J20A-UUT ATSAMD51G19A-MU ATSAMD51J20A-MU ATSAMD51J20A-AU ATSAMD51N20A-AU ATSAMD51P20A-AU ATSAME51J19A-MU ATSAME51J19A-AU ATSAME51N20A-AU ATSAME53J20A-MU ATSAME53J20A-AU ATSAME53N20A-AU ATSAME54N20A-AU ATSAME54P20A-AU dsPIC33CH128MP508 dsPIC33CH128MP506 dsPIC33CH128MP505 dsPIC33CH128MP503 dsPIC33CH128MP502 DM330028 MA330039 MA330040 DM330021-2 DM330023-2 DM240001-2 DM330028 dsPIC33CH Monolithic Power Systems MPX2001GY ON Semiconductor AR0144CSSC00SUKA0-CPBR2 Panasonic Grid-EYE AMG8854M01 […]

Cypress — The PSoC® 6 MCUs Incorporate a Hardware-Based Root-of-Trust and Hardware-Accelerated Cryptography, Enabling Embedded Security for the IoT Edge


         PSoC 6 MCUs support: Secure Storage Protect Identity Protect cryptographic keys Protect firmware Protect data at rest Secure Operation Secure device onboarding Secure authentication Secure boot Secure firmware updates Secure Communication Protect transmitted data Authenticate data packets SECURITY FEATURES Hardware-isolated execution environment for trusted applications Incorporated secure-element functionality with isolated cryptographic operations and isolated […]

Future Electronics — Analog Corner


- Drivers – Interface – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Future Electronics — How Innovative LED Package Technology Enables New Solid State Lighting Designs


By: Francois Mirand, EMEA Technical Director, Future Lighting Solutions (a division of Future Electronics) The popular high-power LEDs in use today are all formed of three basic elements: A ceramic substrate, generally made of aluminium oxide (also known as alumina) or of aluminium nitride. The LED chip, consisting of a die and a phosphor coating. […]

Future Electronics – Important Passive Components Market Update


Future Electronics is the world’s leading distributor of Capacitors, with the world’s largest available to sell inventory Watch the Video to get an Important Passive Components Market Update Today, the electronics industry is facing severe and unprecedented shortages of capacitors, resistors, and power inductors. According to our franchised suppliers, these shortages may continue unresolved for […]