FTM April 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Human Machine Interface (HMI) Featured Articles from: Renesas – RX130 Touch-Enabled MCU: Best-in-Class 2nd-Generation Capacitive Touch Technology Infineon – High-Performance MEMS Microphone with 69dB(A) SNR and Lowest Distortion ON Semiconductor – Changing the Listening Experience: Ultra-Low-Power Meets a One-Stop Chip Panasonic – PAN9420: Fully Embedded Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Module for Highly Integrated and Cost-Effective […]

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CviLux CU1824PAM1N12-LF-HC CU1824PAM1N13-LF-HC CU1824PAM1N14-LF-HC CU1824PAM1N15-LF-HC CU1824PAM1N19-LF-HC CU1824PAC1N11-LF-HC CU1824PAC1N10-LF-HC CU1824PAV1200-LF-HC CU1824SCM1MP0R0-LF-HC CU1816SAH1MD2R0-LF-HC CU1824SAH1MDR1-LF-HC CU1824SAH1PD0R1-LF-HC CU1824SAM1MD2R0-LF-HC CU1824S*N1PD*R0-LF-HC CU1824SAH1MD*R2-LF-HC CU1816SAH0DDXR0-LF-HC CU1824SAV1MD2R1-LF CU1824SAC1MM2R0-LF-HC CU1824SAM1PD2R0-LF-HC CU1824SAH1MD2R0-LF-HC CU1824SAH1PD0R0-LF-HC CU1824SAM1MD2R1-LF-HC CU1816S*M1MD*R0-LF-HC CU1824SXD3D1R-LF CU1824SFM1PD0R0-F-NH CU1816SAH1MD2R1-LF-HC CU1824SAH1PDXR2-LF-HC CU1806SAH1MD2R0-LF-HC Cypress CY8CKIT-145-40XX CY8C4024LQI-S401 CY8C4024FNI-S412T CY8C4025LQI-S412 CY8C4045AZI-S413 CY8C4124LQI-S412 CY8C4125LQI-S423 CY8C4146AZI-S433 Epson S1D13513B01B100 S1D13513 S1D13781 S1D13517 Infineon IM69D120V01XTSA1 IM69D130V01XTSA1 Mallory Sonalert ASI09N27M-05Q ASI12N35MQ PB-1220P-05Q PB-12N23MPW-03Q PB-12N23MPW-05Q PB-12N23MPW-12Q PB-12N32MP-12Q […]

ams — AS6200C: Cold Chain Digital Temperature Sensor


The AS6200C is a complete digital sensor system designed to fulfill the challenges of cold chain applications in storage and transportation. It is very well suited for data loggers complying with EN12830:1999 class 1 standard as well as enriching the performance of domestic and commercial refrigerators. The AS6200C provides a fully calibrated and linearized sensor […]

CviLux — USB Type-C Connectors and Cables


The USB Type-C connector is designed to accept a plug in any direction. We offer a variety of different styles depending on your application. The CviLux USB-C to USB-C cable charges your USB-C enabled device quickly and safely. Simply plug into any USB-C port to not only charge, but sync and transfer data as well. […]

Cypress — Capacitive Sensing for the IoT


CapSense® is Cypress’ industry-leading solution for touch sensing, implementing the world’s best self and mutual capacitive sensing solutions in Cypress’ line of low-power, flexible PSoC® MCUs. Easily and quickly enable your next connected HMI applications with: Start prototyping today with the PSoC 4000S CapSense Prototyping Kit FEATURING: Arm® Cortex®-M0+ PSoC 4000S MCU 3 CapSense buttons […]

Dialight — Vertical Light Pipe for PCB Mount and Panel Mount Applications


Dialight Optopipe® panel mount light pipes provide an excellent solution for products that contain a PCB that is parallel to the front panel in need of indication. The UL94-V0 water clear polycarbonate light pipes are secured to the front panel with a press fit that is easy to install. Dialight Optopipe solutions are a cost […]

Diodes Inc. — DGD2136: Three-Phase Half Bridge Gate Driver


The DGD2136 is a three-phase gate driver IC designed for high-voltage/high-speed applications, driving N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs in a half bridge configuration. High-voltage processing techniques enable the DGD2136’s high side to switch to 600V in a bootstrap operation. Its logic inputs are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3V) for easy interfacing […]

Epson — Epson S1D13513 Display Controller with HW Graphics Engine for High-Resolution Color TFT Panels


Flagship display controller IC offers rich graphics functions and easy-to-use development tools to reduce time-to-market. The S1D13513 from Epson’s broad LCD controller portfolio is a highly integrated display controller capable of supporting TFT LCD panels up to XGA resolutions. With the flexibility of an external SDRAM memory interface, the low-power, cost effective IC supports a […]

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- Drivers – Interface – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

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