TE Connectivity — Industry Leading Precision and Accuracy


TE Connectivity’s (TE) portfolio of discrete NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors will solve almost any thermal application. TE’s full spectrum of high-quality discrete NTC thermistors offer precision temperature measurement and excellent performance for value. NTC thermistors are suitable for a wide range of temperature sensing, control and compensation applications from -80°C to 300°C, providing solutions […]

TT Electronics — SMD Reflective Optical Sensor: OPB9000


The OPB9000 is a versatile sensor that can be used in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications. The sensor features market leading ambient light immunity which allows operation from dark rooms to bright sunlight. It can detect various types of media with as little as a 30% change in reflectivity. Robust, industrial grade […]

Vishay — SensorXplorer Evaluation Kits for the Light to Digital Portfolio


SensorXplorer Hardware The SensorXplorer™ base station includes the board shown below and a USB to Micro USB cable. The sensor board plugs into the port shown. The USB cable plugs into a Windows-based PC. Evaluation Software To download a sensor board software, go to www.vishay.com/ref/sensorxplorer. You will find an installation guide and software for each […]

Yageo — High Precision, High Stability Thin Film RT Series for Intelligent Sensing


Intelligent sensing requires a highly precise and stable operation system, it means the resistance drift under long time operation and noise level of the resistor must be very low. Yageo thin film chip resistor RT series is a perfect fit for this application. The advanced sputtering technology forms a fine nichrome resistive layer which is […]