FTM March 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Intelligent Lighting Featured Articles from: Panasonic – THINK Panasonic for your Commercial and Residential Lighting Control Solutions! Nichia – Launch of White LED That Offers Ultra-High CRI: Optisolis™ Philips – Cost-Effective Fixture-Based Smart Lighting Solutions Lumileds – SunPlus Series: LEDs Created With One Market in Mind: Horticulture Stay up to date! Sign up […]

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ams AS7221 AVX 9176 Series 9296 Series Diodes Inc. AL1673-20CSP-13 Infineon BCR430U Intersil ISL8215MEVAL1Z ISL8215MIRZ-T1 Lumileds L2C5-SPP11208E1500 L2C5-SPP11211E1900 L1SP-PRP0003500000 L1SP-RYL0003500000 L1SP-LME0003500000 L1SP-FRD0002000000 L1SP-DRD0002000000 L1SP-RYL0002000000 L1SP-LME0002000000 L1SP-CW90002000000 LXCL-EYW4 L1C1-AMB1000000000 L1C1-RNG1000000000 L1C1-RYL1000000000 L1C1-RED1000000000 L1C1-FRD1000000000 L1C1-DRD1000000000 L1C1-GRN1000000000 L1C1-CYN1000000000 L1C1-2780000000000 L1C1-4070000000000 L1C1-4080000000000 LUXEON 5050 SunPlus Series Maxim Integrated MAX11192ATE+T MAX40010FAUT+T Microchip MCP2517FDT-H/SL Minmax MDWI08 Monolithic Power Systems MP2166GD-Z Nexperia […]

ams — Tunable White Lighting…Simplified!


The AS7221 and AS7225 smart lighting manager and director, from optical sensing leader ams AG, bring luminaire manufacturers and integrators the world’s first chip-scale tunable-white integrated lighting “system-on-a-chip” solutions. The addition of closed loop optical sensing delivers the added benefit of optimizing overall system architecture by enabling tunable-white solutions from a single channel driver, while […]

AVX — Size Does Matter! Featuring Ruggedized Contacts


Wire-to-Board Low Profile IDC: Series 9176 2.55mm “Z” axis height 70% volume reduction Encapsulation friendly Gas tight interface Wire-to-Board & Board-to-Board STRIPT™ 2.5mm Poke-Home: Series 9296 1st Ever without wire stop Fatigue resistant beams Integral centering guides Closed box design maximizes strength

Cypress and Inventek Systems — Inventek IoT Solutions for Commercial LED Lighting, Powered by Cypress WICED® Connectivity & PSoC® MCU Technology


     By: Greg Phillips, CTO Cloud Architecture at Inventek Systems, Inc. For many years, the commercial lighting space was dominated by fluorescent tube lighting. While these provided significant savings over the use of incandescent lighting, they suffered from serious performance, maintenance, and use issues. These included short lifespan, wide color temperature variation, random flickering and […]

Diodes Inc. — AL1673: Universal Flyback and Buck-Boost Single Stage Dimmable LED Driver


The AL1673 is a high-performance single stage LED driver-converter operating in flyback and buck-boost topologies, targeting dimmable LED lighting applications. It operates in BCM mode which results in good EMI and efficiency. It supports analog and PWM dimming modes. When a 0.3~2.4V DC signal is applied on APWM pin, the device will operate in analog […]

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Analog – Data Converters/CODECS – Analog Signal Chain – Drivers – Interface – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management

Future Electronics — Effective Design Methods for Future-Proofing New Smart Lighting Equipment


By: Adil Sidiqi, Field Applications Engineer, Future Lighting Solutions (a division of Future Electronics) Companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are hungrily eyeing the opportunity to serve customers who might, one day, have almost every electrically-powered object that they own connected to the internet. Through products and services such as Google’s Nest and […]

Future Lighting Solutions – We Accelerate Time to Revenue


Making LED Lighting Solutions Simple™ We Accelerate Time to Revenue by Providing: The Most Comprehensive System-Level Product Portfolio Solid-State Lighting Expertise Design Support Services Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions light+building 18.-23.3.2018 Frankfurt am Main Visit us at our stand! We look forward to seeing you. Hall 4.1, Stand G10 Learn More www.FutureLightingSolutions.com

Infineon – BCR430U: Linear Low-Voltage Drop LED Driver IC


Long term reliability and longevity of LEDs are key. BCR430U is the best choice when you need to drive low power LED strings and strips supplied by a DC voltage source while still requiring more flexibility in voltage headroom. BCR430U is a linear LED controller IC in a small SOT23-6 package regulating the LED current […]