FTM May 2018 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Motor Control Featured Articles from: Infineon – iMOTION™ IMC100: High Performance Motor Control IC Series ON Semiconductor – Sensorless and Standalone Motor Control: From the Car to the IoT Node STMicroelectronics – T-Series Triacs Change the Game in the Ever-Growing Appliance World Maxim Integrated – Tiny Size. Giant Performance. Himalaya uSLIC™ Power Modules […]

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CUI Inc. AMT21 Series AMT23 Series Diodes Inc. AL8862SP-13 Infineon IMC100 Series XMC4800 Series KITXMC48AUTBASEV2TOBO1 Maxim Integrated Himalaya Microchip PIC32MK Series MCP8025 Series MCP8026 Series DM320106 MA320024 ATSAMC21-XPRO ATSAMC21MOTOR NXP Kinetis V Series KV1x KV3x KV4x KV5x ON Semiconductor LV8907UWR2G LV8907UWGEVK BLDC-GEVK Panasonic EEF-CX1C680R EEF-GX0D471R 10TPE330M 16TQC150MYF 20TQC100MYF 2TPE470MAJG 4TPE470MCL 6TPB470M 6TPE100MAZB 6TPE100MPB 6TPE330MAP 6TPE470M […]

CUI Inc. — Compact, Low Power Absolute Encoders Offer 12-bit or 14-bit Resolutions


        The AMT21 series, featuring high speed RS-485 communication, and the AMT23 series, designed with a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), are based on CUI’s proprietary capacitive sensing technology. The capacitive platform offers a highly durable and accurate position feedback solution that is resilient to the dirt, dust, and oil typically encountered in […]

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Drivers – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Future Electronics — How ST’s Motor Profiler Tool Helps Accelerate Motor-Control System Design


By: Gianluigi Forte, Andrea Spampinato, Marcello Palano, Alessandro Corsaro Field Oriented Commutation (FOC), also called vector control, a method for controlling electric motors, was invented in the early 1970s, and remains the most advanced motor-control technique available to the system designer today. It operates by controlling the alternating currents that flow into the phases of […]

Future Electronics – Learn How You Can Leverage Future Electronics’ System Design Center


                    System Design Center 1 Concept Define • Create • Develop 2 Design Engineer • Refine • Document 3 Prototype Prove • Iterate • Learn 4 Manufacture Tool • Debug • Support  

Future Lighting Solutions – We Accelerate Time to Revenue


Making LED Lighting Solutions Simple™ We Accelerate Time to Revenue by Providing: The Most Comprehensive System-Level Product Portfolio Solid-State Lighting Expertise Design Support Services Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions Connect with us and learn more

Indium Corporation — Flux-Cored Wire Circuit Board Assembly and Rework


Void-free, perfectly layer-wound package Hand soldering and automated wire feed Widest range of flux-cored wire solders for standard electronic assembly, as well as highly specialized needs No application is too large or too small Core 230-RC No-Spatter, No-Clean, REACH-Compliant Robotic Soldering Wire CW-807 REACH-Compliant, Halogen-Free, No-Clean Flux-Cored Wire Used for automated and hand soldering CW-808 […]

Infineon — iMOTION™ IMC100: High Performance Motor Control IC Series


iMOTION™ IMC100 is a series of highly integrated ICs for the control of variable speed drives. By integrating both the required hardware and algorithm to perform control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) they provide the shortest time-to-market for any motor system at the lowest system and development cost. Infineon’s patented and field-proven motion […]

Infineon — XMC4800 Automation Board-V2


Designed to evaluate the capabilities of the XMC4800 Microcontroller especially in EtherCAT® slave applications, the XMC4800 Automation Board V2 utilizes Infineon’s industry leading XMC ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller in combination with Infineon supply, interface, communication and safety products. The XMC4800 Automation Board V2 is designed to evaluate the capabilities of the XMC4800 Microcontroller especially in EtherCAT […]