FTM September 2017 Americas Edition


Application Spotlight: Mobility and Smart Transportation Featured Articles from: Infineon – EasyDUAL™ Half Bridge Topology with CoolSiC™ MOSFET Diodes Inc. – World’s First Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 3 Vishay – WSHP2818 Automotive Grade Power Metal Strip® Resistor Saves PCB Space and Reduces Component Counts Maxim Integrated – Choose a Flexible and Scalable Front-End Tuner for Your […]

Future Electronics – Chargers for Portable Devices: Is There Hope for Standardization?


Without a widely accepted and robust standard, the huge growth in the number of portable devices has led to a correlating rise in the number of mains power adapters. Without a standard this trait has also become an issue of public policy, with millions of obsolete power supplies sent for disposal in landfill sites globally […]