Hirose – IX – the NEW Addition to the Hirose Family of I/O Connectors


Buy I/O Connectors Compact and Rugged I/O Connector with Positive Lock and 3Gbps Data Transmission Capability for Industrial Applications ◗ Compact ruggedized I/O connector designed for industrial applications, ideal for module size reduction ◗ Snap-in connector with positive lock mechanism provides clear tactile click and ensures secure mating ◗ Resists cable wrenching ◗ Shielded to […]

Hirose – BM29 – the NEW Addition to the Hirose Family of FPC Connectors


Hirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, has developed a miniature board-to-flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector. • The world’s smallest FPC connector enables size reduction and flexible design • Features hybrid power/signal contacts – Rated current: 3 Amps for power, 0.3 Amps for signal • Unique metal guides prevent housing damage due […]

Hirose – PS4 the NEW Addition to the Hirose Family of Power Connectors


Busbar Plug-in Connector Supporting 150 Amps/300 Amps with Floating Capability Plug-in connection to improve efficiency and safety of assembly, maintenance, and unit expansion works Floating design to absorb mounting misalignment ±2mm in XY direction High current support: 150 Amps (supported busbar thickness 3mm or 0.125 inch (3.175mm) 300 Amps (supported busbar thickness 6mm or 0.25 […]