Infineon : TLI4970 – Miniature Magnetic Digital Current Sensor


The TLI4970 current sensor family is ±50A (AC/DC) and up to ±1% with a digital SPI interface. It is a highly accurate current sensor based on Infineon’s well established Hall technology. The coreless concept allows significant miniaturization compared to existing products. It is a fully digital solution, easy to use, with no need for external […]

Infineon: IR25750L: Current Sensing IC in SOT23 Package


The IR25750L is a novel current sensing IC that extracts the VDS(on) of a power MOSFET, or the VCE(on) of an IGBT, during the switch on-time. IR’s proprietary 600V HVIC technology then blocks the high drain voltage during the MOSFET or IGBT off-time. This IC allows for external current sensing resistors to be eliminated for […]

Infineon: 40V and 60V StrongIRFETTM Logic-Level Gate Drive


Infineon introduces an extension of the successful StrongIRFET family for battery-powered applications. The logic-level gate drive allows designers to drive MOSFETs with only 5V VGS. This is ideal in applications where standard gate drive is not available such as brushed motor drives, BLDC motor drives and battery-powered circuits. The family maintains the same characteristics of […]

Infineon – ISOFACE™: Galvanic Isolated 8-Channel High Side Switches for Industrial Control Applications


The ISO1H81xG product family The ISO1H81xG family offers parallel and serial 3.3V/5V μC-interfaces, facilitating straight forward connection with virtually any μC, μP, ASIC or FPGA. The ISO1H81xG products enable OEM-product designs which meet the stringent EMI requirements of the IEC 61131-2 norm (zone C) applicable for Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC). Evaluation Boards: ISO1H811G-EVAL SP000788824 ISO1H812G-EVAL […]

Infineon – AUIRS20302S: Solutions for Battery-Powered Motor Control Applications


Infineon offers a variety of driver IC and MOSFET technologies that simplify design and increase efficiency in battery-powered circuits, half bridge and full bridge topologies and motor drive applications. Robust and highly integrated 3-phase gate driver ICs minimize component count and enhance reliability, while the StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs with their ultra low on-state resistance and […]

Infineon + International Rectifier = A Powerful Combination


Infineon and International Rectifier complement each other outstandingly in their distributional strengths, competitive products, and leading technological and innovative excellence. This powerful combination presents a unique opportunity for you to leverage: Enhanced support Expanded product portfolio More advanced solutions With expert knowledge of specific customer needs and application know-how, International Rectifier successfully contributes to Infineon’s […]

Infineon – XMC Microcontroller: XMC 32-Bit Industrial Microcontrollers Based on ARM® Cortex™-M One Microcontroller Platform, Countless Solutions


Infineon has combined its wealth of experience in microcontroller design for real-time critical applications with all the benefits of an industry standard core. The unique result, the XMC microcontroller family based on ARM Cortex-M cores, is dedicated to applications in the field of renewable energy, factory and building automation, transportation, logistics and medical equipment, lighting […]

Infineon – IRS25751L: High Voltage Start-Up IC Simplifies Design


The IRS25751 is a 480V high voltage start-up IC ideal for supplying initial supply starting current from a high voltage bus. The IRS25751 supplies a constant current during start-up and then consumes ultra-low stand-by (off) current. Additional features include programmability of the upper turn-off threshold, an ENN input, and over-temperature protection. IR’s proprietary HVIC technology […]