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Melexis — Discover our Latest Product Releases for Temperature Sensing and People Detection


   Pit viper snakes have a cool heat sensing system to find prey in the dark. The pit is a special organ that senses body heat from animals and gives an infrared heat vision which accurately judges distance and size. MLX90632: small size SMD temperature sensor MLX90640: 32 x 24 pixels FIR array

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Drivers – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Drivers – Interface – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Melexis — MLX90380: Fast Pre-Programmed Magnetic Resolver IC


The MLX90380 is a monolithic contactless sensor IC sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally and parallel to the IC surface. High-speed dual analog outputs allow the MLX90380 to deliver accurate sine/cosine signals when used with a rotating permanent magnet. With a wide range of operating temperature, supply voltage and magnetic flux density, the MLX90380 […]

Melexis – Current Sensing Made Easy MLX91210 – Integrated, Calibrated and Compact


Managing power properly to ensure that power-oriented systems operate safely and efficiently, as well as providing telemetry to system controllers, is increasing in importance due to environmental issues and rising energy costs. Improving the quality of data can only be achieved by continuing to develop higher performance and convenient current sensors. Conventional approaches to current […]

Melexis – Magnetic Latch and Switch: Experience Matters


          As our world becomes more technology-driven and automated, the role of basic sensors becomes ever more important. More and more systems, including vehicles, household white goods and industrial installations rely on sensing to operate correctly and safely. 20 years ago, Melexis acquired US MicroChip; the fusion of IC know-how and Hall effect technology spawned […]

Melexis – MLX92292: Micro-Power Programmable and ASIL B Capable Hall Effect Switch/Latch


Sensors The MLX92292 delivers switch and latch functions, but unlike existing products on the market it can determine the presence of magnetic fields that are lateral, not just orthogonal, to the device. It supports ASIL B safety integrity level (in accordance with ISO 26262), with an array of built-in diagnostic mechanisms available. The MLX92292 is […]

Melexis – MLX90393: Micropower Triaxis® Magnetometer


MLX90393: Micropower Triaxis® Magnetometer The MLX90393 offers programmable duty cycles in the range of 0.1% to 100%. It can be reprogrammed to different modes and with different settings at runtime. The sensor provides a 16-bit output proportional to the magnetic flux density sensed along the XYZ axes using the Melexis proprietary Triaxis technology and also […]

Melexis – MLX90393: Melexis Unveils Software-Defined Sensor


Ultra flexible, magnetic sensing solution gives engineers carte blanche in HMI implementation through breadth of programmable parameters. The MLX90393 is a micropower triaxis magnetometer and is offering maximal flexibility at minimal size. With its 3 x 3mm footprint, it can fit in the tiniest of assemblies. It provides a digital output proportional to the sensed […]