Microchip – CL88020: Sequential Linear LED Driver


The CL88020 LED driver integrated circuit (IC) is an off-line sequential linear LED driver designed to provide 8.5W of LED power from a 120VAC nominal input voltage. CL88020 is designed to drive a long string of inexpensive, low current LEDs directly from the AC mains. A basic driver circuit consists of Microchip Technology Inc.’s CL88020 […]

Microchip – MCP19122/3: Flexible, Integrated Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Controllers


The MCP19122/3 offer excellent regulation accuracy, in a variable output analog PWM controller with an integrated microcontroller for supervisory and management functions. With analog-based synchronous buck PWM controller and an integrated 8-bit PIC® MCU, they combine the performance of a high speed analog solution, with the configurability and communication interface of a digital solution. MCP19122/3 […]

Microchip – MCP19124/5: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Synchronous Low Side Dual Loop PWM Controller


The MCP19124/5 is a mid-voltage (4.5V to 42V) analog-based PWM controller with an integrated 8-bit PICTM microcontroller. This unique product family combines the performance of a high speed analog solution, including high-efficiency and fast transient response, with the configurability and communication interface of a digital solution. Combining these solution types creates a new family of […]

Microchip – MCP2557/8FD: CAN FD Transceivers with Silent Mode


The MCP2557FD/8FD CAN family is designed for high-speed CAN FD applications with up to 8Mbps communication speed. The maximum propagation delay was improved to support longer bus length. The device meets automotive requirements for CAN FD bit rates exceeding 2Mbps, low quiescent current, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The product offers a silent […]

Microchip – MCP19116/7: Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Controllers


      The MCP19116/7 devices are highly integrated, mixed- signal low side synchronous controllers that operate from +4.5V to +42V. The family features an analog PWM controller with an integrated microcontroller core used for LED lighting systems, battery chargers and other low side switch PWM applications. Complete customization of device operating parameters, start-up or shutdown profiles, […]

Microchip – MCP39F521: I2C Power Monitor with Calculation and Energy Accumulation


Analog Signal Chain The MCP39F521 is a highly integrated, single-phase power-monitoring IC designed for real-time measurement of input power for AC/DC power supplies, providing power and energy values. It includes dual-channel delta sigma ADCs, a 16-bit calculation engine, EEPROM and a flexible 2-wire interface. An integrated low-drift voltage reference in addition to the 94.5dB of […]

Microchip – MCP1501: High Precision Buffered Voltage Reference


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The MCP1501 is a buffered voltage reference capable of sinking and sourcing 20mA of current. The voltage reference is a low drift bandgap-based reference. The bandgap uses chopper-based amplifiers, reducing the drift to zero, providing high current output with no degradation in performance. The bandgap of the MCP1501 is based […]

Microchip – MCP9902: Low Temperature Remote Diode Sensor


Sensors The MCP9902 is a high accuracy, low-cost, System Management Bus (SM-Bus) temperature sensor. The MCP9902 monitors an internal and external diode channel. Advanced features such as Resistance Error Correction (REC), Beta Compensation (to support CPU diodes requiring the BJT/transistor model including 45nm, 65nm and 90nm processors) and automatic diode-type detection combine to provide a […]

Microchip : MCP9600 Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter


Analog Signal Chain The MCP9600 is fully integrated thermocouple Electromotive Force (EMF) to degree Celsius converter, with integrated cold-junction compensation. The MCP9600 provides user-programmable registers, adding design flexibility for various temperature sensing applications. The registers allow user-selectable settings, such as, low power modes for battery-powered applications, adjustable digital filter for fast transient temperatures and four […]

Microchip : MM7150 Motion Module – Motion Monitoring Made Easy


MM7150 Motion Module Speeds Design Cycles for Embedded Applications Developing applications with motion sensors can be difficult. Designers need to develop complex algorithms to filter, compensate and fuse the raw data from the sensors, which requires specialized knowledge and can be very resource intensive. Microchip makes it easy to design motion-based applications with our MM7150 […]