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Monolithic Power Systems – MP4433: 36V, 3A Synchronous Step-Down Converter


The MP4433 is a frequency-programmable (350kHz to 2.5MHz), synchronous, step-down switching regulator with integrate high-side and low-side power MOSFETs. It provides up to 3A of highly efficient output current with current mode control for fast loop response. The wide 3.3V to 36V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications in automotive input environments and […]

MPS – MP28164: High Efficiency, Single-Inductor, Buck-Boost Converter with 4.2A switch


The MP28164 is a high efficiency, low quiescent current buck/boost converter, which operates from input voltage above, equal, or below the output voltage. It uses current mode control with a fixed PWM frequency for optimal stability and transient response. The fixed 2MHz switching frequency and integrated low RDS(ON) MOSFETs minimize the solution footprint while maintaining […]

MPS – MP173: 700V Non-Isolated Off-Line Regulator with Up to 280mA Output Current


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management MP173 is a primary-side regulator that provides accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without an opto- coupler. It supports buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback topologies. It has an integrated 700V MOSFET to simplify the structure and reduce cost. These features make it an ideal regulator for offline, low power applications, such […]

MPS – MP2908A: 4V to 60V Input, Current Mode, Synchronous Step Down Controller


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The MP2908A is a high voltage, synchronous step down controller that directly steps down voltages from up to 60V. The MP2908A uses PWM current control architecture with accurate cycle-by-cycle current limiting and is capable of driving dual N-channel MOSFETs. Advanced asynchronous mode (AAM) enables non-synchronous operation and PFM mode to […]

MPS : MPM3682 – 18V 10A Step Down Power Module in 12 x 12 x 4mm QFN


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The MPM3682 is an easy-to-use fully integrated 10A step down DC/DC power module. It integrates the DC/DC converter, power inductor, input/output capacitors and the necessary resistors/capacitors in a compact QFN 12 x 12 x 4mm package. This total power solution needs as few as two external components (one resistor and […]