NXP — i.MX RT Series: The World’s Highest Performance Real-Time Processor


The convergence of low-power applications processors and high performance microcontrollers is here. The i.MX RT Series is the industry’s first crossover processor, offering the highest performance Arm® Cortex®-M core, real-time functionality and MCU usability at an affordable price. By breaking down the technological boundaries between MCUs and the applications processors, a new class of processors […]

NXP – FRDM-KE15Z and FRDM-TOUCH: Touch Solution


Introduction The user interface of a product is a key element that design engineers need to address to provide a compelling user experience. Touch pads, sliders and rotaries offer a more intuitive and effective way of user interaction than traditional buttons. And, designing a touch-based user interface is simplified with the NXP Touch solution. This […]

NXP – LPC546xx and i.MX 6: See. Touch. Sense.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) is where people and technology meet. We all use HMIs to monitor and manage machine applications ranging from user-friendly consumer products, home appliances and thermostats, to increasingly secure and reliable automotive driver interfaces, building elevators and access panels, bank kiosks, gas pumps, manufacturing operator panels, and data access terminals. NXP Semiconductor’s […]

NXP – Kinetis KW41Z Wireless MCU: A Single Chip for Multi-Protocol Connectivity Challenges


           Many designs with wireless capabilities require more than one chip to achieve wireless multi-protocol connectivity. It is becoming more prevalent for new designs of connected end-nodes to support two different wireless protocols that work concurrently, for improved functionality and user experience. This is the way forward for the Internet of Tomorrow (IoT). As this […]

NXP – TEA1833TS: GreenChip SMPS Control IC


The TEA1833TS is a low cost Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC designed for flyback topologies. The TEA1833TS operates in peak current and frequency control mode. Frequency jitter has been implemented to reduce ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI). Slope compensation is integrated for Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) operation. The TEA1833TS features overpower protection (OPP) with up […]

NXP – Kinetis® K8x MCUs: Essential Security Considerations for the Edge Node


In today’s interconnected and globalized world, almost every electronic product and application is at risk of loss due to theft of information. The impact of this loss can take one or more of the following forms: • Financial – loss of revenue, funds or brand equity • Safety – endangering lives • Operational – reducing […]

NXP – Future NXP Secure Connected Seminar Series


JOIN OUR HANDS-ON SEMINAR, FUTURE NXP SECURE CONNECTED SEMINAR SERIES HANDS-ON WORKSHOP FEATURES: Future Connectivity Solutions Investing in NXP – Reference Designs Energy Harvesting Smart Label (EnSL) + Security Access System (SAS) Being connected is simply not enough, the connections must be SECURE. This is where NXP is best. NXP is a co-inventor of NFC […]

NXP – FTF 2016 Technology Forum


    Join us at this year’s NXP FTF Technology Forum – May 16-19, JW Marriott Austin, for the inspiration, training and ecosystem you need to compete in a relentless global marketplace. We’ll share the benefits of the expanded, secure and connected portfolio created by the 2015 merger of NXP and Freescale. Register now to immerse […]

NXP – The LPC5411x family of microcontrollers are so efficient, even batteries love it!


Introducing the LPC5411x Family the world’s most energy-efficient microcontroller family optimized for always-on processing applications. With industry-leading power efficiency and a unique architecture, the LPC5411x family easily tackles a variety of tasks from computationally intensive algorithms to communication interfaces, sensor data gathering and aggregation. So go ahead, add more always-on features to your application, from […]

NXP : PTN5100 – Industry’s First USB-IF Compliant Type-C PD-PHY


Interface PTN5100 is a single port USB Type-C power delivery (PD) PHY and Protocol IC that provides Type-C configuration channel interface and USB PD physical and protocol layer functions to a system PD port policy controller (policy engine and device policy manager, alternate mode controller). It complies with USB PD and Type-C specifications and delta […]