Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – NCV8876: Automotive Grade Power Management


NCV8876: Automotive Grade Power Management Running off a 2V to 44V input voltage, the NCV8876 non-synchronous boost controller with automatic wake-up and shutdown functions is designed to supply a minimum output voltage during start-stop conditions in order to counteract any sag in the vehicle’s battery voltage. The NCV8876 is enabled when the supply voltage drops […]

Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Family for 3-Phase Motors


Highly Integrated Devices Provide High Thermal Performance and Efficiency While Reducing Component Count and PCB Area ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK551Uxx2A-E family. With a power range of 10A to 20A in SIP packaging, the new IPMs integrate a complete 3-phase inverter including the driver circuit. ON Semiconductor’s newest […]

1.5A, 3A LDOs Feature Tight Accuracy, Fast Transient Response and Extensive Protection


The NCP5915x, NCP5930x, NCP5830x series are high precision, very low dropout, low ground current voltage regulators that are capable of providing large load currents with a typical dropout voltage lower than 300mV. Internal protection features such as output current limit, thermal shutdown, and reverse output current protection assure robust power supply solution. Both adjustable and […]