Panasonic – AEC-Q200 Compliant Passives for Automotive Solutions


Eco-friendly, reliable, comfortable and safe — key goals when designing next generation automotive, other vehicle and transportation equipment sub-systems. Panasonic provides industry leading electronic solutions required to meet the extreme high quality and reliability standards required by Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers designing in the automotive, other vehicle and transportation space. With over 65,000 […]

Panasonic – New “Soft PGS” Compressible Type Thermal Interface Material


        Panasonic’s new Thermal Management material, “Soft PGS”, is an ideal Thermal Interface Material (TIM) solution designed with high compressibility characteristics to reduce contact thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces. Custom cut to IGBT Module footprints, Soft PGS contributes to long life and increased performance of power modules by providing high thermostability […]

Panasonic – Ready-To-Use Modules with Built-In, Bluetooth Technology


Designed for operation in harsh RF environments Panasonic’s Bluetooth modules can be designed into all types of electronic devices. Features include high data rates, long range, reduced power consumption (under 4mA), common hardware and software interfaces for interchangeability.

Panasonic – AMG8831: Grid-EYE Infrared Array Sensor


Grid-EYE is an 8 x 8 (64) pixel infrared array sensor. The integrated circuit performs a selected calculation that allows mapping of specific temperature data as thermal image. The sensor can detect temperature changes in 60 degree angle. This sensor offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values. The built-in lens includes […]

Panasonic – Lightning Control Solutions


Panasonic offers a solution-based approach by providing a wide variety of electronic components that are perfect for lighting control applications including Capacitors, Bluetooth® modules, Resistors, Sensors and Switches. Learn more about various lighting control applications for Panasonic components.

Panasonic – Offering A Wide Range of Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


Panasonic is a leading supplier of specialty sensor technologies, offering a wide array of sensor types including acceleration, angular, PIR motion, pressure, temperature and the new Grid-EYE infrared array sensor technology. PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications Simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. Only 1mA current consumption, suitable for battery-driven […]

Panasonic – Lithium Batteries that Meet the Needs of a Wide Range of Devices


Panasonic Coin type Lithium Primary batteries are high energy, high reliability batteries. The full 3V in these batteries are about twice that of conventional batteries. They are suitable for main power supplies for small equipment to large memory backup, cameras and compact, low power consuming cordless appliances. Lithium Poly-Carbon Monofluoride • High voltage 3V • […]

Panasonic – EVP and EVQ Series of Tactile Switches


Versatile and High Quality Panasonic’s Light Touch Switches are high quality tactile switches that are versatile and can be used in almost any user interface application. Designed in various shapes, sizes, terminals and push forces, Panasonic’s Light Touch Switches offer customers the opportunity to select the perfect switch for their application needs. Each switch is […]

Panasonic : WiFi Made Easy! Quickly Add WiFi to Your Application with Panasonic’s PAN9320 Series


Panasonic’s fully embedded WiFi module features an integrated IoT stack and API that minimizes firmware development and includes a full security suite. The PAN9320 series is a standalone 2.4GHz WiFi module, supporting the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards designed for applications where a small form factor and secure data connections are required. The module is a […]