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- Drivers – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

Future Electronics – Analog Corner


- Drivers – Power Regulation, Conversion and Management – Sensors

ROHM Semiconductor – BD9227F: The Industry’s First DC/DC Converter Capable of DC Fan Motor Speed Control


The BD9227F is the industry’s first power supply IC capable of controlling the rotational speed of DC fan motors with high accuracy by linearly varying the output voltage based on the PWM duty signal generated by the MCU. In addition to more accurate control compare to conventional discrete configurations, ROHM’s proprietary IC analog circuit design […]

ROHM Semiconductor – KXTJ3: User Selectable ±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g Tri-Axis Accelerometer with Digital Interface


The KXTJ3 is the next generation of our best-selling KXTJ2 tri-axis accelerometer that provides the best value and high performance available in the same pin-to-pin compatible 2 x 2 x 0.9mm 12-pin LGA package. New and improved is an extended g-range up to ±16g, higher resolution embedded wake-up function down to 3.9mg, and more flexible […]

ROHM Semiconductor – 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETS


ROHM, a pioneer in SiC development, was the first to successfully mass produce SiC MOSFETs in 2010 and Continues to lead the industry in developing products that aim for further reductions in power loss. ROHM Semiconductor added 3rd Gen SiC MOSFETs, SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs), and SiC modules to its market-proven SiC lineup. The […]

ROHM Semiconductor – High Brightness Single-Rank LEDs (SML-D15 series)


ROHM’s SML-D15 series of single-rank LEDs reduce brightness variations by 75%, making them ideal for applications where consistent brightness is required, such as when configuring multiple LEDs side-by-side in automotive and industrial systems. This eliminates the need to sort and use different resistor values to match different ranks, simplifying design load and inventory management. In […]

ROHM Semiconductor – High Accuracy Color Sensor BH1745NUC


The BH1745NUC is a digital color sensor IC that senses and converts the red, green, and blue components of light into digital values. High sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and excellent IR cut characteristics make it ideal for obtaining the illuminance and color temperature of ambient light with high accuracy over a wide range of light […]

ROHM – BD9G341AEFJ: High Efficiency 76V DC/DC Buck Converter


Power Regulation, Conversion and Management The BD9G341AEFJ is a buck switching regulator with integrated 150mΩ power MOSFET. Current mode architecture provides fast transient response and a simple phase compensation setup. The operating frequency is programmable from 50kHz to 750kHz. Additional protection features include over-current protection, thermal shutdown and under-voltage lockout. The under-voltage lockout and hysteresis […]

ROHM – BD9G341AEFJ : Ultra-High-Efficiency 76V DC/DC Buck Converter


• Provides greater reliability and energy savings ideal for communications infrastructure and industrial equipment • High reliability protection against accidental surges • High efficiency delivers greater energy savings • High Breakdown Voltage is ideal for high-power industrial equipment • Small/Compact footprint and fewer external parts minimize mounting area ROHM’s new BD9G341AEFJ 3A variable output voltage […]

Rohm : BD9B300: 3.0A Integrated MOSFET Buck DC/DC Converter


BD9B300MUV is a synchronous buck switching regulator with built-in low on-resistance power MOSFETs. This IC, which is capable of providing current up to 3A, features fast transient response by employing constant on-time control system. It offers high oscillating frequency at low inductance. With its original constant on-time control method which operates low consumption at light-load, […]